Final Fantasy 16’s First Info Dump Set For Late October

Square Enix will be sharing new information about Final Fantasy 16 sooner than expected. Hence, fans should go ahead and mark their calendars.

Speaking during the Tokyo Game Show 2020 online livestream, producer Naoki Yoshida stated (via Gematsu) that a “teaser website” will launch for Final Fantasy 16 in late October. Yoshida never did mention what the website will actually tease but the platform will presumably give insight into the in-game world and its characters, perhaps even more, or at the very least add more context to the announcement trailer that was released by Square Enix recently.

Take note that Square Enix had previously promised to open the information floodgates somewhere in 2021. That roadmap will likely run its course. Hence, the aforementioned teaser website will probably not share a significant amount of detail. However, it should be enough to convince fans to wait a little while longer.

Final Fantasy 16 remains without a release date but will reportedly be releasing sooner than expected. The new installment in the franchise will be an exclusive offering for PlayStation 5 and according to a revised statement, will not be releasing for any other platforms including PC. That is despite the announcement trailer mentioning PC in fine-print.

Sony Interactive Entertainment was rumored to be negotiating with Square Enix for a timed exclusive arrangement even before Final Fantasy 16 was officially announced. Much like the recent Final Fantasy 7 remake, fans can expect Square Enix to keep pointing at a PlayStation exclusivity deal before eventually releasing the game on Xbox Series X and PC.

The only question is how long the timed exclusive period will last, which has usually come about to be either six months or an entire year. Based on reports, Square Enix has plans to bring Final Fantasy 16 to PC after six months, and to Xbox Series X after a year. The game has been slated for release somewhere in 2021.

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