Serious Sam 4 Chapter 1 Death From Above Walkthrough

Serious Sam 4 Chapter 1 basically serves as the tutorial for the game, getting you familiar with the new gameplay mechanics. To help out, we prepared this Serious Sam 4 Chapter 1 Death From Above Walkthrough for you.

Serious Sam 4 Chapter 1 Death From Above

The game starts with a cut scene in which the ALIEN ARTIFACT ACQUISITION Force or we can say EARTH DEFENCE FORCE is moving in a convoy in Rome, Italy.

This force works as an alien artifacts recovery force. Their convoy is attacked from the above by the aliens. Only Serious Sam and Kenny will survive this hard hit.

Their main objective is to find Father Mikhail. Serious Sam will have to lead the attack and Kenny will follow him and provide him back up whenever needed.

This whole area consists of old tunnels and buildings. You will find different enemies throughout your movement just don’t forget to collect health, weapons, shells, gadgets, and armors from the different blocks in the area.

Watch out for your health as well if you see you’re your health is dropping first restore it by collecting it from some block in the area than involved in the fight with the foes.

You will face different types of enemies throughout Chapter 1 Death from Above.

For killing the bigger enemies use of a shotgun or rifle is recommended. You can see your left bullet in the center of the screen and health in the bottom left corner.

Side Objective

After clearing that area Kenny will lead you to a way where you will see a path pointing up. Go up and you will get your new side objective which is “Explore the EDF facility”.

In this new objective, you will face different enemies just use your shotgun wisely and don’t panic from the sudden attack. Just move backward and kill the enemy coming towards you.

Move through the tunnel and came out from the other end where you will again encounter some enemies. You will also be guided about the way by a moving arrow line.

You can collect different gadgets in this chapter which you can select by pressing Z on the keyboard.

After exploring the EDF Facility you will be again back on your primary objective which is Find Father Mikhail.

Moving forward you will reach a place with a lot of pillars and different gears for you. Collect them and kill the enemies attacking you.

You will find an advanced automatic Security gate there as well.

At that time Professor who is your scientific advisor will contact you. Just clear the area from the enemies and you will see a huge angry animal running towards you.  Dodge his attacks and shot him with your weapons.

You will be attacked by more of them just follow the same process and will kill them all. Till you kill them the gate will be unlocked and Kenny is waiting for you right in front of it.

Enter and go upstairs. You will see a recording device just after going out of the building. Press E to use this. After that press F to invoke Netricsa. In this, you will see a message from Bill Corwin.

After that just explore the area and you will encounter some more enemies in your way.

Once you have cleared the area you will receive a message from Quinn that she is getting a signal from father Mikhail.

Now you will be attacked heavily by different enemies including processed humans as well.


After killing them you will face the biggest enemy. Kenny will tell you about it. It’s a Scrapjack. Now it a time to use your gadgets.

Kill other enemies and try to Dodge his attacks as much as possible. In case you died you can press the left click to load the last saved game.

Headshots are the best option to kill Scrapjack. Now Kenny will tell you that he thinks, “that is it for now”.

Now a cut scene will be played in which father Mikhail will appear and Serious Sam will call out for extraction.

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