Serious Sam 4 Gadgets Guide

The Gadgets in Serious Sam 4 deserve a special mention as they are excellent combat tools. They’re useful items that provide you with offense, defence and even statistical boosts.

Serious Sam 4 Gadgets

This guide on the Gadgets in Serious Sam 4 will include all there is to know about the gadgets and their uses in the game.

Black Hole

This is a crystallized black hole that you will get after completing a secondary mission. Black Hole gadget is obtained from a destroyed enemy portal.

What this does is that when thrown, it will form a huge black hole in the sky and that hole will suck all the enemies in and then eventually explode. This is one of the best gadgets in the game.

Time Warp

Time wrap is an ancient Sirian artifact which when applied, forms this huge Distortion field that surrounds you and whatever enemy is inside this field will face a certain reduction in speed.

This effect shall remain for a certain time where other then you, everything gets slow, giving you a chance to easily eliminate them. This is also one of the best gadgets in the game.

Rage Serum

This serum, when taken by the soldier, can make him a superhuman. It will do so by making them stronger, faster, more agile, more perceptive, and more resistant to damage.

Eventually, the effect will wear off after some time but till the time it remains, can be very lethal.


It is a powerful missile fired from the ground for targets that are on the ground. It comes with a Netricsa-compatible holographic targeting system which is very effective.

Being a mini-nuke, it’s core purpose was to damage the bigger enemies but it can be very handy against a group of hostiles too.


The purpose of this gadget is to save a life. When a soldier is down, this gadget shall revive it.

A portable automated external defibrillator which revives you with shocks and therefore can be painful but it’s still better than death.


This gadget emits hologram and its purpose is to distract the enemies which will lead them to attack this instead of the solider.

It has specifically been designed to make the enemies be annoyed of it to an extent where even the smarter ones will be forced to attack it.

Hacked Drone

These are enemy drones that are being hacked and will help the user by killing its actual owners until its battery runs out.

Meanwhile, the user can sit back and relax since it does not have to worry about it as it originally belongs to the enemies.

Psychotropic Grenade

When thrown, a psychotropic agent comes out of this grenade which manipulates the enemies into fighting with their mates.

Hence, infighting starts as the hostiles remain aggressive to each other. Although little, it can affect humans too, therefore, its best to be aware of it.


This device has been made using the latest advancements made in the field of nanotechnology.

It enhances the health of the soldier in no time, it does so by improving the performance of tissue-producing cells, making the person’s body better than any normal human body.

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