Serious Sam 4 Cheats

There are quite some cheats in the Serious Sam 4 that are really useful, and you can easily add them to the game and they will be able to change your gaming experience of the Serious Sam 4.

Usually cheat codes are to make any game experience easy if players are finding it difficult to complete or get through any level.

But in Serious Sam 4, you can use cheat codes to tailor the game according to your preference and make it easy or difficult for yourself.

Serious Sam 4 Cheats

Cheat will take effect when you input a code while in-game, you can input the code by pressing ~ symbol called tilde and then cht is the prefix that will be written and you will get a whole list of codes.

The values in front of the code; if 0 means the code is disabled and if 1 means code is enabled.

There will be some codes that do not require any 0 or 1 value to enable and you only have to put the code value in and the cheat will be activated.

Now there will be some codes like ammo or HP in which you will get a closed bracket () in front of the code, that is for you to put in the value of ammo or HP you want.

Here are all the codes available in the Serious Sam 4:

Cheat Code
Enable All Cheats cht_bEnableCheats=1
Disable All Cheats cht_bEnableCheats=0
Auto Aim Enabled cht_bAutoAim
God Mode Enabled cht_bGod
No Clip cht_bGhost
Increase Speed cht_bTurbo
Flying Enabled cht_bFly
Infinite Ammo cht_bInfiniteAmmo
Get All Weapon with Max Ammo cht_bGiveAll
Full Ammo for a Specified Weapon chtGiveAmmo()
Health cht_slGiveHealth
Get Skill Points cht_slGiveSkillPoints
Reset Unlocked Skills cht_slResetSkills
Start New Game chtClearGameProgress()
Start a Specified Chapter chtJumpToChapter()
Start First Chapter chtJumpToFirstChapter()
Start Next Chapter chtJumpToNextChapter()
Get a Specified Weapon chtGiveWeapon()
Start Next Level chtJumpToNextLevel()
Give you a Set Amount of Armor ch_slGiveArmor
Enable Invisibility cht_bInvisible
Kill All Enemies cht_bKillAll
Kill the boss cht_bKillBoss
Go Through Plasma Walls cht_bPassThroughPlasmaWalls
Enable Mental Mode cht_bUnlockMentalMode
Infinite Stamina cht_bInfiniteStamina

Try them all and let us know what cheat you enjoyed the most.