Serious Sam 4 Chapter 5 The Die is Cast Walkthrough

The fifth chapter of Serious Sam 4 gives you only one main objective, which is to head into Rome. But of course, this won’t be as easy as it sounds.

To help you out with your journey to Rome, so you can complete the fifth chapter of Serious Sam 4, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through this entire chapter, step by step.

Serious Sam 4 Chapter 5 The Die is Cast

Head into Rome

Your main objective is to make your way into Rome. This may seem like a very simple task, but the enemies you’ll encounter along the way make it a whole lot more difficult.

After you spawn, you’ll start to get ambushed by enemies from all sides. What you need to do is constantly be on the move.

Instead of standing still, aiming and shooting, play with a run-and-gun style to take all the enemies down.

Once the coast is clear, grab all the loot and continue moving towards Rome.

You’ll keep getting ambushed by even more enemies along the way. Continue playing with the run-and-gun strategy and grab all the health and ammo refills as they drop.

When the enemies are near you and you run out of ammo, remember to switch to a different weapon instead of reloading to save your life.

After a few checkpoints, you’ll get a grenade launcher. Right after you get it, you’ll have to fight massive swarms of Processed Anthropolyps, so don’t shy away from using it to take care of them.

You’ll eventually start heading down a hill that will take you to a gate, which is your next checkpoint. About 350m before that gate, there will be an optional objective to your right, signified by a flag.

Portal Combat (Side Objective)

When you start the side objective, the Professor will call you up and tell you that there is a portal that allows the enemy to teleport their forces.

Your job is to break the portal by breaking its five trans-dimensional portals.

Once you get near the portal, interact with the switch there to retract it. When you do that, you’ll again be ambushed by some more hostiles.

Then, you’ll have to press the second switch which will bring in even more enemies. You’ll have to keep doing this until you’ve pressed all five switches.

Keep in mind that pressing a switch will spawn more enemies; so press the switch only after you’ve cleaned up the battlefield. Otherwise, the hostiles will start to pile up.

After you press the fifth and final switch, the portal will break down and this side objective will be completed. You can now head back towards Rome.

Back Towards Rome

There will be an upgrade for your grenade launcher called the ‘Cluster Grenade’ sitting right before the gate, so make sure to grab it before heading into Rome.

When you enter the large, open area, you’ll face the final swarm of enemies in this chapter.

The penultimate checkpoint is behind a gate, which will be locked. This gate will remain locked until you kill all the enemies in this area.

There will be all sorts of enemies here. The ones you really need to watch out for are the Blue Pendejos (as your teammate calls them).

To take them down, you need to wait for them to charge up their lasers and shoot them at you.

When they’re charging up, they’ll glow blue. After they shoot their lasers, they will be very vulnerable for a short period of time. This is when you can deal damage to them and take them out.

After you clear the area and unlock the gate, go through it and grab the secret gadget sitting on the platform to your right.

After that, walk to the final checkpoint to finish off chapter 5 of Serious Sam 4.