Serious Sam 4 Chapter 3 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Walkthrough

Serious Sam 4 Chapter 3 is a really long chapter with Sam and his fellow colleagues are assigned a task to place 2 Beacons each in their respective locations. Now it’s your mission to make your way through the enemies and place your Beacons in their given locations.

Below we have given a complete Serious Sam 4 Chapter 3 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse walkthrough with the completion of main as well as side objectives.

Serious Sam 4 Chapter 3 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Chapter 3 starts just after a short cutscene once you complete Death From Below. Your main objective is to Place the First Beacon.

Side note: Throughout your gameplay, a GPS helps you find the location you want to visit next.

Place the First Beacon

The area you start has a Secret Ammo depot behind few bushes on the right. Make sure to grab some ammo and Make your way to the South.

Move up the pathway through the main entrance of the area and get ready for an absolute brawl with multiple waves of Mental’s hordes.

This species ruled galaxies at one point and now they want you!

As you enter the area, you’ll come across Antique Monuments surrounded by many creatures that you must kill.

The best strategy is to use a pistol for ranged attacks as for close encounters, use your shotgun.

Make your way to the far end of the area through the Multiple openings while killing a wave of creatures. You’ll enter a small area with a good amount of ammo under a shelter.

This entire area is filled with ammo and powerups, you just need to search for them and keep your health at max otherwise you’ll die.

Now, every door in this area is locked. The first locked door leads you to a different part of the area with more creatures. Since its locked, you must find its key.

Head into the area that looks like an open prison (Far left part of this location). You’ll find a set of keys behind an opened cabin there.

Also, inside the cabin, you’ll find the Ball game sitting on a desk. So, make sure to check that out if you want.

As soon as you leave the cabin, you’ll be welcomed by another wave of enemies. This time it’s better to run away than fight back since you got the keys to the door.

Enter the door and go through the small path to receive a side objective; Retrieve the Keys.

Key to Success

Now keep in mind that this is an optional objective that rewards you Rage nanoparticles so it’s totally up to you to either complete the objective or skip it.

If you decided to complete it then move left into an open area where you’ll find an Armor and few Shells. This is where you can brawl with the enemies.

After defeating that wave, enter the opening in the area that leads you to a small pond.

On the walkway right from the pond you’ll find an armor so grab it and move forward to fight more enemies.

Head straight from the pond and down the hill to find the door keys at the center of a bond surrounded by pillars

Once you’ve reached the center, grab the door keys, fight the enemies and Unlock the door to complete this optional objective.

After the completion of Key of Success, head right and fight another wave of enemies, clear the area and grab dropped ammo.

Move forward and come across a large building with a cabin on its right. Head into the cabin to find a note from Alessandro to Commander Pasolini.

Apart from the note you’ll find a set of keys on the computer desk. Grab it receive another Side Objective; Find Alessandro.

The Red Line

Again, this is an optional objective so it’s up to you to complete or skip. Completing the objective rewards, you with Grenades on Single Shotguns.

Head right and you’ll find a door at the far end of the pathway. Remember the keys you took from the cabin? This is where they come handy. Unblock the door and head into the open.

By the looks of it, you’re on a road filled with enemies. Keep heading down while maintaining a safe distance from them since these creatures are really fast moving and can kill you in a minute.

The road leads you to a Parking area filled with creatures. A cabin is found on the right and you’ll find few shells there.

Move a bit further into the parking area to find Alessandro dead on the floor thus ending the optional Objective and receiving your reward; a grenade launcher.

Now head back to the cabin you found the note and the keys from and on its right is an opening that leads you to a different section of this area, enter the area and head left into a dark opening right to the locked door.

Inside that opening, you’ll encounter several enemies and killing them rewards you with multiple health kits on the shelfs.

Once all the enemies are killed, the Secret Big Rocket Man would be summoned.

He shoots Rockets; hence the name. Simply move in a circular pattern and keep shooting him with the grenade shotgun and within 5mins you’ll beat him and receive plenty of health, shells and Grenades for your shotgun.

Once all is set and done, head back to the initial entrance you entered this area from and head up onto the stage at the center. There’s a blue colored projection and this is the place where you’re supposed to place the First Beacon.

A cutscene is triggered and once it’s over, your main Objective is Updated; Place the Second Beacon.

Place the Second Beacon

Round 2 and you’re up against a beastly reptilian figure from the Aludran Reptiloid species, who is accompanied by its fellow hordes.

Now, the best way to defeat it along with all the other enemies is by using the grenade shotgun for the reptile and once it’s down, use pistol from a distance to kill the remaining enemies.

Make sure to keep the fight within the area where you placed the first beacon since there are plenty of ammo and shells for you to reload.

Once the fight is over, head back to the section with red brick walls and find a crate with a special surprise inside and a set of shells. Grab all the useful items and exit this area to trigger a cutscene.

Once the cutscene is over, you’ll face Octanian Zealot in a brutal fight.

The best way to kill it is by shooting from the back and causing a great amount of damage. After killing it head into the area to find more Octanian Zealot accompanied by other enemies.

It’s a tough situation so keep shooting from a distance and don’t let anyone come close to your position. Explore the area thoroughly to find multiple waves of enemies.

Keep killing them until the area is cleared and there’s no sign of creatures left.

Moving further into the red brick wall area you’ll hear Kenny say “I did it! Beacon set.” If you see a statue in this area then you’re in luck since it is surrounded by armors and shells.

Grab the items and shoot the enemies below with a shotgun. Few will try to reach the top and attack you but play safe since all the previous enemies including the big reptile are wandering below you.

At this point in the game, the Professor assigns you an optional Objective to fight an Artifact.

Amateur Archeology

Once again, it’s up to you to complete or ignore. While exploring the area, you may end up finding an Ancient Roman Rocket Launcher.

Don’t worry, you’re really close! Head straight through the unlocked door in the area leading you to a camp with multiple useful items such as armors, shells, grenades and a case with the Artifact, Time Warp inside. Collect it to complete your side objective.

Once that’s out of the way, your main focus should be placing the Second Beacon.

For that, you must locate an opening that leads you through an open area surrounded by a structure with pillars supporting it.

Set the second Beacon, kill few enemies and Update your Main Objective to Rescue Jones.

Rescue Jones

The last main objective of Chapter 3, the GPS leads you to an area with an “I want You” poster on the wall which means you’re really close to finding Jones.

An Entrance is seen on the left of the poster which triggers a cutscene as you enter it.

In the cutscene, you’ll see Jones being eaten alive by a Khnum. After the cutscene, it’s time for you to take care of business.

Fight the Khnum, use the Time Warp to lower 50% of its health and use the Rocket Launcher afterward. This way you’ll drain its health in no time. Thus, ending Chapter 3 of Serious Sam 4.

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