Serious Sam 4 Chapter 2 Death From Below Walkthrough

In this Serious Sam 4 Chapter 2 walkthrough, we will guide you through the whole mission, including each and every step you have to take in order to complete this Serious Sam 4 mission without any difficulty.

Serious Sam 4 Chapter 2 Death From Below

The main objective of this chapter, Death from Below, is to meet Jones and Rodriguez.

You can find both of them from the yellow diamond appearing on the screen but finding them is not that easy as it looks like.

You have to eliminate a lot of enemies rushing towards you at full speed. Use Dual-Wield Weapons to deal with them quickly.

Unlock new abilities and skills from SAM(The Purple Orb). You have to crush the Orb and then inhale it in order to use your desired skill point from the SAM menu.

You can find these Orbs in military crates all over the map.

Don’t forget to use different kinds of gadgets that you will get by completing different quests and side quests against your enemy.

You can sprint as well if you want to get away from the Battlefield to regroup.

You can also reload while running so that you can shoot them while running as well.

If you encounter enemies with Shields, shooting them with guns is a waste of time and bullets.

You can shoot homing rockets and then use a melee weapon to finish them off.

When you get surrounded by a lot of enemies, you should retreat and heal up before venturing back into danger.

So be prepared to retreat and finish the enemies coming towards you while retreating.

You can find bullets and health all over the map, so try to keep your health and ammunition full all the time.

Some of AI teammates will also accompany you during the mission. Don’t depend on them during the fight as they are of no use.

On a Warpath

At the start of the mission, you will be with Father Mikhail and few other AI Teammates.

Make your way through towards your objective. You will face a lot of enemies and of different kinds. Eliminate them and keep moving towards your objective.

You will also encounter Aliens during your journey.

Once you reach a truck on fire, a cut-scene will appear in which you will inhale the Purple Orb to get your desired skill.

After that, you will get a side mission to help the Italian Resistance. Eliminate all the enemies and drones as well to complete this side quest.

After the side quest, a cut-scene will appear, and after the cut-scene, you have to eliminate all the enemies, including vampires as well.

Then a cut-scene will appear as you get close to your objective.

After that, you have to survive a lot of your enemies of all kinds, rushing towards you on a huge battlefield.

Survive this never-ending battle and eliminate all your enemies, including the Giant Rhinos as well.

After that, you have to eliminate the Giant Metal Snake using Hellfire’s Mini-gun to complete this mission.

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