Beyond Good And Evil 2 Development Apparently In Chaos, Toxic Management To Blame

The bad news from Ubisoft just keeps coming. A new tell-all article from the French newspaper Libération claims that Michael Ancel, the recently-retired creator of Rayman and former creative director on the game, had a toxic management style that has prevented any progress in Beyond Good And Evil 2 development.

Considering the game has been in development for over seven years, that’s not a good thing that you want to hear, especially when the sequel has been so highly anticipated by its fanbase. According to LibĂ©ration’s sources in the dev team, Ancel was a control freak who would often change his mind in the space of a moment, which required large amounts of work to be scrapped.

Considering the game was officially announced at E3 2017 with a trailer, and then another in 2018, it does put into context how we haven’t heard anything about the game in several years, not even trailers. While previous early gameplay was seen, now that might not even still exist.

But apparently, Beyond Good and Evil 2 development doesn’t even resemble the trailers we were shown, with both of those being based more on concepts than anything else. The detail expressed in them is also apparently impossible with how the game was described to be a multi-planet, open-world adventure.

After seeing the negative effect that Ancel’s issues had on the team, new directors were brought in while Ancel apparently withdrew from the project, only checking in periodically. However, this didn’t help, as the new leaders were apparently just as bad.

These new leaders apparently had massive egos and bad attitudes, who were convinced that they and only they could salvage the game. Ancel himself apparently only retired from game development after news came out that he was under internal investigation by Ubisoft after all of the complaints about him. This entire thing leaves the future of the game in doubt.

While Beyond Good and Evil 2 development may yet continue, exactly how long it will be before we actually see something concrete from the game remains to be seen, and it’s clear that Ubisoft still has a very long way to go before it can address the problems that have been eating away at it from within.