Serious Sam 4 Beginners Tips

In this guide, we will give you a number of Serious Sam 4 Beginners Tips to acclimatize you to all the new features and mechanics introduced in this latest entry to the fan-favorite Series Sam series.

Serious Sam 4 Beginners Tips

The Serious Sam franchise makes a big return after almost a decade with Serious Sam 4.

This means that a lot of new people will be jumping on to experience the series as well as veterans returning and confused with a number of new gameplay mechanics.

To help out with all the changes and explain basic as well as advanced gameplay systems, we prepared these tips for Serious Sam 4.

Dual-Wield Weapons

In Serious Sam 4, Dual wielding is very powerful. In this game, the enemies will rush at you very quickly, and dual-wielding will help you deal with them more easily.

At the start, dual-wielding will allow you to only use two same guns at the time.

However, the more skill points you invest, the more matches you will be able to make.

When you start the game, you will not have access to dual-wielding and will have to unlock it. To unlock it, you will need two skill points.

When you acquire two skill points, you will unlock the first dual-wield perk which allows you to carry two pistols.

The more you invest in the dual-wield branch of the skill tree, the better dual-weapons you will be able to wield.

As you invest more in dual-wield, you will move on from dual-wielding pistols to shotguns, assault rifles, and then heavy weapons like rocket launchers.

In total it will cost you five skill points to access every dual-wield skill.

Invest in Skills you require

In Serious Sam 4, skill points are a new addition, and they unlock new perks and abilities from the SAM talent tree.

SAM stands for Sirian Artefacts of Might, and it includes skills ranging from riding ability to dual-wielding.

The skill points required to level up your tree are physical objects which you will have to hunt down.

SAM skill points are in the form of purple alien orbs that when found, Sam crushes then inhales them to open the SAM menu to use your skill point.

These purple orbs can be found in military crates in different levels of the map.

When you are near them, they are highlighted blue, and you can collect them.

Use Gadgets

In Serious Sam 4, use the gadgets you receive during the game.

The game story is divided into 3 acts, and at the start of each Act, you will start with only your knife and pistol.

As you complete different quests and side quests, you will receive different gadgets. Make sure to use them before the Act ends, and they are taken from you.

Use Sam’s Sprint ability

Like Serious Sam 3, Sam can sprint which makes it easier to move from one location to another which was quite tedious in the first two games.

You can only run forward however, no sidesteps or backward running is possible. Sprinting will help you dodge the enemies running at you much easier.

There is also a skill which lets you shoot and reload while running.

Use Melee for Shield enemies

Killing Shield enemies will be quite a pain if you use your weapons to do that.

However, if you use melee attacks on the enemies using shields, it will be much easier to deal with them.

Make sure you use melee attacks on the variety of reprogrammed soldiers that hide behind a shield and shoot homing rockets at you as it is the best way to deal with them.

Run away when overrun by enemies

There will be certain points when there are too many enemies to deal with at the same time.

If you feel like you cannot finish the fight, it is viable to just run away from the fight.

There are also some waypoints where fighting the enemies won’t be necessary, and you can get away by running away from them as well.

Ignore AI Teammates

In Serious Sam 4, you will be teamed up with different AI teammates for certain missions.

But don’t worry about him that much as they won’t be of much help anyway.

Also, they are invincible so they won’t die, so better to focus on yourself rather than them.