PSVR 2 Looks To Have Valve Index-Like Controllers With Finger Tracking

Sony Interactive Entertainment has already confirmed a next-generation PSVR 2 to be in the pipelines but which will arrive some time after PlayStation 5 has launched worldwide. Hence, the official reveal might not be around the corner, but a first look at the new PSVR 2 controllers might have possibly surfaced.

According to a recently filed patent, PSVR 2 will apparently have controllers (via Let’s Go Digital) similar in design to the ones of Valve Index. Images accompanying the patent show a controller with a side-mounted ring through which users can slip their hands to grip the base. The side-mounted ring appears to contain multiple sensors with finger-tracking technology to accurately locate the position of a hand. The central grip, as shown in the images, will house an analogue stick and a couple of buttons, as well as a trigger on the back.

By taking inspiration from the Valve Index controllers, Sony looks to have addressed a lot of complaints that users had with the old PS Move controllers. However, it has to also be said that patents are always subject to change. The aforementioned designs are not guaranteed to be that of the final product. The actual PSVR 2 controllers may still be similar to the Valve Index but do take everything with a grain of salt.

Sony has filed several patents for PSVR 2 in the past many months. A more recent filing suggested that the next-generation headset will be equipped to track eye movements to create saccadic masking periods. In other words, PSVR 2 will be only rendering frames that the user is currently looking at, which will save up computing resources and power consumption.

In another patent, Sony teased the use of eye-tracking technology to initiate a chat with other players within the same in-game environments. By simply looking at a player, the game will be able to start a chat session, or at least bring up an option that the player can activate.

PS5 officially launches worldwide on November 12, 2020. Sony should start mentioning PSVR 2 once the new year begins.

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