Microsoft To Meet High Xbox Series X/S Demand Within “Few Months After Launch”

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have sold out across all regions in the past week, often within minutes of pre-orders going live. Microsoft has now provided a little insight on how the high demand will be met in the near future.

Speaking with Famitsu in a recent interview, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, pointed out that demand usually exceeds supply before and after launch. Microsoft plans to meet that high demand “within a few months” after Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have launched worldwide.

“We plan to ship a lot of consoles in the future,” said Spencer. “This is absolute.”

When asked if the number of consoles being shipped to Japan will be increased since the first wave of pre-orders has already sold out, Spencer confirmed that Microsoft will be making sure all Japanese pre-orders go through within the same few-month post-launch window. “We are thinking of developing from a long-term perspective,” he further noted about the Japanese market.

While it may seem normal for retailers to have the same number of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, many of them were reportedly stocking the cheaper next-generation console in fewer amounts. Spencer explained that Microsoft expects “core gamers to focus on Xbox Series X” at launch. The number of users who find Xbox Series S attractive will increase with time and more so when the price aspect comes into play, which was probably him referring to price cuts that consoles receive as time goes by.

Something else of interest that Spencer commented on was the price reduction of Xbox Series S in Japan a few hours before pre-orders went live. He stated that the price was adjusted “according to the exchange rate” but was also based on feedback of Japanese consumers. “Looking at the reservation status, it seems that it was well received and I think it is the best,” said Spencer.

If the high demand does continue on as Microsoft expects it to, finding an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S might prove problematic even during the crazed shopping season of December.

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