Dying Light 2 Still “Moving Forward,” But Without A Release Date

Dying Light 2 has been without a release date for nearly two years now and looks to remain that way for the coming months as well. Despite appearances though, the upcoming sequel remains in active development and has not been canned.

In a statement issued to Push Square earlier today, developer and publisher Techland confirmed that “the Dying Light 2 development is moving forward” based on the “revised” schedule shared at the beginning of the year.

Techland, however, did not feel ready to cite a release date or even a release window at the very least. While unconfirmed, the looming radio silence may as well suggest Dying Light 2 to be suffering from development challenges.

The much-awaited sequel was originally slated for spring that went by earlier in the year. Techland announced in January that Dying Light 2 has to be delayed indefinitely in order to gain additional development time. This was before COVID-19 became a global concern. Techland has more or less remained quiet since then, allowing for only rumors to dictate the narrative such as Microsoft showing interest in an acquisition and workplace troubles affecting development.

The only thing that can perhaps explain the long delay is Techland changing gears to release Dying Light 2 on both current- and next-generation consoles. However, with the next-generation launch taking place in over a month, it would be unlikely for Techland to suddenly announce the game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X this holiday season, which was actually rumored for a while.

Dying Light 2, as it seems, has now transitioned into a 2021 offering, which would be strange because lead game designer Tymon Smektala stated in May that development had entered the final phase. Fans can only hope that Techland starts doing reveals and updates once the new year begins.

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