New Among Us Changes Coming After Developer Cancels Sequel

It’s been a good year for bean-based gaming, it seems, with first Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and now Among Us becoming stupidly popular among gamers. This is particularly good for Among Us, considering the game released in 2018 and only just now got popular. However, new Among Us changes are on the way.

Among Us is a whodunit game in the style of classic party games like Werewolf and others. Players must accomplish tasks on a spaceship or station, while imposters attempt to kill everyone. In between doing tasks, players must find out who is the real imposter.

The game originally released in 2018, but didn’t get much attention until the past several months, when it had an unforeseen explosion in popularity. It’s gotten so popular in fact, that the developer, InnerSloth, has cancelled the upcoming sequel. Instead, the sequel’s features will be put into the original Among Us game.

Among the new Among Us changes include servers. The game’s explosion in popularity has also brought up new technical issues, including server issues in various regions. Colorblind support (something vital considering each character is a different color) is also on its way.

Considering that so many people playing the game now are doing it with friends, InnerSloth is also adding in a friends list and account system. Along with all of that, we’ll also be getting a new stage to add to the fairly small number currently available.

This isn’t all that’s going to be coming in the changes, but we’ll likely be getting regular updates now that Among Us has gotten really popular. Hopefully, all of the new Among Us changes that we would have gotten in the sequel comes over to the current game quickly, and we get a steady stream of content for the near future.

You can play Among Us exclusively on PC, and read about upcoming changes on the developer website, here.