Xbox Series S Price Gets Reduced In Japan

Microsoft has surprisingly decided to reduce the price of Xbox Series S in Japan following just a week since pre-orders went live worldwide.

According to an announcement made on the official website earlier today, Xbox Series S will now be priced at ¥29,980 in Japan. The updated cost represents a price reduction of about $29 or £23 from the original ¥32,980 retail tag.

Xbox Series X, however, will remain at the same ¥49,980. Both next-generation consoles will be available for pre-order in Japan beginning tomorrow. Considering how a high demand significantly impacted pre-orders in the west, it will be interesting to see if Japan will suffer from the same mayhem.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were completely sold out in Australia, New Zealand, India, and the United Kingdom within minutes of pre-orders going live. The high demand took a hammer to all online stores and either crashed or timed them out. Consumers, hence, faced problems trying to secure their pre-orders, only to find that stocks became unavailable once the online stores came back live.

Microsoft Store had the largest amount of next-generation consoles when it began taking pre-orders, only to see all Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles sold out within the hour. Amazon saw a similar trend. Since then though, Microsoft has been ushering second and third waves of stocks out to all major retailers.

The crazed shopping spree has even saw several consumers accidentally purchase Xbox One X instead of Xbox Series X due to confusion in naming. Japanese consumers should keep their fingers crossed that stocks do not run dry within the first few minutes of pre-orders opening up.

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