Seagate Reveals Pricey Storage Expansion Cards For Xbox Series X/S

Seagate has finally put a price tag on external storage cards for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. While it was obvious from the start that next-generation storage solutions would not come cheap by any means, the now revealed cost by Seagate will still leave consumers reconsidering their options.

According to listing by Best Buy earlier today, a 1TB storage expansion card for Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S will cost a blistering $220. Those interested in having a portable hard drive case when on the move will have to part with an additional $10. While pre-orders have gone live, the external solid-state game drive will only start shipping out when Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch worldwide this holiday season on November 10, 2020.

It needs to be noted that despite the steep cost, the aforementioned proprietary card will be the only storage solution for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Both next-generation consoles utilize a custom NVMe solid-state drive for lightning-fast performance. Hence, the external storage card needs to be compatible with the Xbox hardware. Microsoft has noted that any other incompatible hard drive will not work. Consumers will have to go with only Seagate.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will launch with an internal 1TB and 512GB solid-state drive respectively. Both are less than adequate for regular players who love to have all of their favorite and new games installed at the same time.

The only silver lining to be found here is that installation files of games should be 30 percent smaller on Xbox Series S than on the flagship next-generation console. According to Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald, the cheaper alternative to Xbox Series X targets lower resolutions and hence, developers will have no need to include higher-resolution textures. Even then, consumers should start saving up because they will eventually have to purchase a Seagate 1TB storage expansion card down the road.

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