RuneScape Makes Steam Debut Next Month

RuneScape is finally coming to Steam in both modern and classic forms after enjoying an esteemed cult status for nearly two decades.

According to a press release sent out just now, a release on Steam was always on the cards in order to “bring the RuneScape universe to more players globally.” The game has already been listed on Steam for a release on October 14, 2020, and those interested can start updating their wishlists.

Returning players can choose to either link their existing RuneScape account with Steam or just use their own Steam account to play. Furthermore, cross-platform play will enable players to pick up from exactly where they left off regardless of whether they play on Steam, the desktop client, or mobile devices.

That will not be the end of this fantasy adventure though. The old school RuneScape will also be releasing on Steam somewhere in 2021. The best bit obviously being that both online role-playing games will be free to play.

“Following our games’ arrival on mobile stores, we are now expanding the availability of the desktop versions,” said developer and publisher Jagex CEO Phil Mansell. “Making them accessible to the Steam community is an important step in achieving this goal. We’re excited to see RuneScape debut on Steam from October 14th and look forward to Old School RuneScape’s arrival next year, as we enable even more gamers to access and explore our rich and engaging living game worlds.”

The arrival on Steam marks the 20th anniversary year of RuneScape. Jagex will probably want to mark the debut with a special launch in-game event.

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