Can PS4 Games and Discs Run on PS5?

The end of 2020 will be a sweet transition for gamers as they embark on a brand new adventure in console gaming. Playstation 5 is releasing in November and with it comes the burning question. Will Sony’s new console be able to run PS4 games? Does PS5 support backward compatibility with previous consoles?

The general answer is yes. PS5 supports backward compatibility. That is for Playstation 4 though as Sony announced that the previous 3 additions to the console line won’t be supported. This, as bittersweet as it is, won’t leave gamers empty-handed. Players who already own a PS4 game library will be able to run most of their titles on the next-gen console. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed it while talking to Washington Post.

PS5/4 Backward Compatibility

According to Ryan, PS5 will be backward compatible with PS4 and will be able to run current-gen discs. At least for “99% of its library”. However, this doesn’t mean that those games will all feature next-gen enhancements. It falls to studios and developers to create new versions of third-party titles. This won’t stand true for first-party releases that will launch in the near future. Those titles will see different versions for PS4 and PS5 so players have no reason to worry about poor quality on that aspect.

Sony has tested a huge collection of PS4 titles on PS5 and all most of them will run perfectly and will be digitally downloadable. Consider games like Spider-Man, Final Fantasy 7, and The Last of Us 2 to be among those titles. We don’t know which disks exactly don’t support backward compatibility with Playstation 4 but we expect Sony to release a full list sometime after the release of the console.

Downloadable Content

The same goes for already purchased downloadable content. Games that are available on both PS4 and 5 will get their DLC and in-game purchases along with them. Players should not worry about losing valuable items due to a next-gen upgrade.


In addition to PS4 games and downloadable games, VR discs will also support backward compatibility with PS5. You plug in the existing PSVR headset and play any game that is available for the next-gen console. We still don’t know for sure if Sony has plans for a new VR headset. However, it’s only a matter of time for a new PSVR kit to hit the market.

Playstation Plus Collection

What happens to all those games that have established the name of Playstation 4 as a high-end console all these years though? Does Sony has a plan for those too? Yes, the company has devised a way to make its most prestigious first-party and select third-party library available to Playstation 5 through the Playstation Plus Collection service. Basically, all PS Plus owners will have available, at no cost, a selection of games like Bloodborne, The Last of Us, Until Dawn, and God of War. This collection will diminish the gap between existing titles and upcoming ones until their release comes.

PS5/4 Performance

In terms of performance, there’s one thing we can expect for sure. PS4 games that players will download on PS5 will benefit from faster loading and booting times. This won’t necessarily mean that graphic performance will be better too since this is something that studios will have to plan and add to their existing games.

Playstation 5 and its peripherals including a Dualshock charging dock, a new headset, and a camera will be available on November 12th. Microsoft plans on releasing Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on the 10th. Both consoles find their pre-order stock to be super low, even though Sony promises to have enough units available next year to top those Playstation 4 had in 2013.

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