Hades Realm of Chaos Guide

In this Hades Realm of Chaos guide, we will give you a detailed explanation of how the Boons from Chaos work, how these Boons can help you, or pose an obstacle in your path to your ultimate fight with Hades.

Hades Realm of Chaos

You will be able to access the realm of Chaos through the eye of Chaos symbol on the normal floor.

This symbol will be on a floor panel that is above the lava. But beware that there will be enemies around, so first clear the room and then interact with it.

Also, keep in mind that when you enter the realm of Chaos you will lose lots of HP.

One way to get over this loss of HP is by offering the Primordial Chaos nectar and getting the Cosmic Egg Keepsake, and then whenever you enter the realm with the keepsake equipped you will not lose any HP.

Boons of Chaos

As you know that by getting Boons you get some skills or bonus attacks but this time it is different.

This time you will not directly get any boost, and one thing to add is that you will also get something of a curse when you get those Boons.

Wait wait, don’t start panicking. The curse that you get will only last around three to four rooms, and when that curse is lifted you will be able to get the boost or skill that the boon is going to provide.

Basically, what happens is that Boons of Chaos have this mechanism of granting you a prefix and a suffix.

Prefix is the curse that you will get when you acquire the Chaos’ Boons, while the suffix is the skill or ability you get when the curse is lifted.

Here we have a table that explains what prefix and suffix you get with all the Chaos’ Boons in the realm of Chaos.

Curse/Prefix Curse Effect Affected Mechanic/Suffix Blessing Effect
Abyssal Trap damage increased Strike The damage of your main attack will be increased
Addled Using casting skill will give you damage Flourish Your special attack damage will be increased
Atrophic HP will be decreased Lunge Your dash attack damage will be increased
Caustic When you kill an enemy, it will throw a bomb Shot Your casting skill damage will be increased
Enshrouded The rewards will be hidden, and you will have to find the eye symbol to find them Grasp You will be able to keep 3 more crystals in your casting ammo slots
Excruciating The total damage that you take will be increased Favor Your Boons will have a high rarity
Flayed When you use your special attacks, you will get damage Soul Your total HP will be increased by 40
Maimed When you use your main attack, you will get damage Affluence You will be able to find 60% more gold
Pauper’s You will be unable to get gold by any means Eclipse You will be able to 80% more darkness crystals
Roiling You will have to face relatively more enemies than usual Defiance Your death defiance will have an extra charge
Slothful Your movement speed will be decreased Ambush The damage you give will be increased if you backstab enemies
Slippery The collection time for casting ammo will be increased Assault You will do more damage against enemies who are undamaged
Ruin Your room traps will give more damage to enemies


Now when you have these prefixes and suffixes, you can use them in different combinations as well, and they will help through the level in ways you won’t even imagine.

Like you can increase the dash attack damage by taking damage with flayed in multiple attempts if you are a guy who likes dash charge attacks.

Or either you can use the favor suffix and can stack with any other perk. If you learn to use suffixes by stacking them, then you will get through the realm like a breeze.