How to Unlock the Aspect of Gilgamesh in Hades

The final aspect of the Twin Fists of Malphon has just been introduced in Hades, and it’s called ‘The Aspect of Gilgamesh.’ Unlocking this aspect can be a bit confusing if you don’t know where to look.

If you’re wondering how you can unlock the Aspect of Gilgamesh in Hades, look no further than this guide, where we’ll show you how you can get the final aspect for the Twin Fists of Malphon.

Hades Aspect of Gilgamesh

Before you get ready to find the Aspect of Gilgamesh to max out your Twin Fists of Malphon, you need to know that you have to first obtain the Aspect of Guan Yu; and the other aspects must have at least 5 Titan’s Blood spent on them.

After you take care of that, your goal now is to head to Elysium and fight Asterius the Minotaur when he’s by himself.

After you reach Elysium, you can find Asterius somewhere within the first four chambers there. Make sure to enter all the doorways with the skull icon.

When you find Asterius, he’ll start telling you about his backstory. As he’s telling you his story, he’ll eventually say the following phrase, which will allow you to unlock the Aspect of Gilgamesh.

“I see you overcome the wild and make peace with death.”

Now that you’ve learned that phrase, you can make your way back to the armory and interact with the Twin Fists of Malphon to unlock the Aspect of Gilgamesh.

Unlocking the final aspect for the Twin Fists will turn them into the ‘Claws of Enkidu.’

The Claws of Enkidu come with the following buffs:

  • The damage of the regular attack is increased, but it’s a bit slower.
  • You can hold down the dash button to dash multiple times.
  • When you land a dash-uppercut, you inflict ‘Maim’ on the enemy. This effect boosts your damage by 50%, but it also increases the target’s damage by 25%. It also makes the enemy take a burst of damage after four seconds.

To compensate for the damage boost to the enemy given by the Maim effect, you can use the boons from Aphrodite, which inflicts the Weak debuff on the target