Elden Ring’s Story Is About Racism And Politics, Game Of Thrones Team Involved

After several months of no information about the game, Hidetaka Miyazaki of From Software has finally given us some information about Elden Ring in a recent interview. According to him, Elden Ring’s story is about racism and politics, and a team from the Game of Thrones TV show is also involved.

It’s been no secret since the game was announced that George R. R. Martin, the author of the acclaimed A Song of Ice and Fire series (the true series name for what many just call the Game of Thrones series) has been involved with helping to write the world’s backstory, but it seems that it’s not just him.

Of course, that could just be referring to Martin and the interview might have made a translation error, but who knows. Either way, the story is apparently quite painful, which fans of both Martin’s work and previous From Software games should be quite familiar with.

We haven’t really gotten any indication of specifics in Elden Ring’s story, such as the titular ring. Is it magical, or some kind of symbol? Who knows. Either way, the game will apparently be quite open ended, including having the mechanic of exploring the world on horseback, which no From Software game has done before.

Hopefully we’ll be learning more in the future, but Miyazaki, as always, has been fairly mum on the story of their upcoming game. Hopefully with the help of George R. R. Martin, Elden Ring’s story can be unlike anything the studio has put out before.

This interview also helps in that it confirms that the game has not been cancelled, despite fears in the past that it had. Since it was announced officially at E3 2019, the game hasn’t made appearances at any major gaming event, even via another trailer. Hopefully we’ll see some form of new content about it soon.