PS5 Can Play PS4 Discs Through Backwards Compatibility

Sony Interactive Entertainment wants to remind that PlayStation 4 discs can be inserted into PlayStation 5. The only thing for players to consider will be that the PS4 game should be backwards compatible with PS5.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, the official Japanese PlayStation customer support noted that backwards compatible PS4 games, whether in physical or digital format, can be played on PS5 without any concerns. Hence, players can download games from PlayStation Store on PS4 and play them on PS5 with ease.

It goes without saying though that PS4 discs will require the standard PS5 next-generation console since the PS5 digital edition comes without a disc drive. The all-digital next-generation console, however, will still be able to play your PS4 digital library as long as the games support backwards compatibility.

There was a bit of confusion earlier in the year where PS5 was said to be incompatible with PS4 discs. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan set the record straight during the summers that PS5 was actually designed to play PS4 games. The standard edition of the next-generation console will detect and read compatible PS4 discs. With the next-generation launch just around the corner, it is important for consumers to know beforehand what they are about to purchase. Hence, the clarification and reminder from Sony.

Sony expects a vast majority of PS4 games to be backwards compatible with PS5 at launch. According to system architect Mark Cerny, more than a hundred of the most played PS4 games have already been tested and passed. The final count will likely be higher since Sony has mentioned testing to be in the thousands.

PlayStation 5 launches for $500 on November 12, 2020; with the all-digital PS5 set at $400. Both next-generation consoles sport the same hardware except for the absence of a disc drive in the latter.

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