Nintendo Being Sued For Anti-Consumer Practices Over Joy-Con Drifting Defect

Nintendo will be fighting a new lawsuit in the coming days for “planned obsolescence” over the defective manufacturing of Joy-Con controllers that has left “several thousand players” to face the infamous drifting issue.

French consumers group UFC-Que Choisir announced earlier today (via Games Industry) that Nintendo has been offering free repairs and has even acknowledged its drifting Joy-Con controllers to be an issue. However, Nintendo has still not taken any decisive steps to change the way Joy-Con controllers are manufactured. Hence, forcing UFC-Que Choisir to defend the rights of French consumers by taking Nintendo to court for anti-consumer practices.

UFC-Que Choisir further noted in a press release that according to experts, Nintendo did modify the way Joy-Con controllers are manufacturer for Nintendo Switch a few months ago but those modifications did not address the drifting issue. The non-profit pro-consumer organization will be suing Nintendo for intentionally designing the Switch controllers to break down so that players have to frequently purchase replacements.

“The nature of the failure, how frequently it occurs for players, the limited lifespan of the products and the manufacturer’s inertia despite being informed of the defect… These are all characteristic of planned obsolescence practices at Nintendo,” said UFC-Que Choisir.

Back in July, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa made a formal apology to consumers for “any inconvenience caused” and assured that Nintendo will “improve” the product. Nintendo was facing a class-action lawsuit in the United States for selling “faulty” Joy-Con controllers at the time.

The drifting issue is when controllers start registering movements on their own and without any inputs from players. Gameplay, hence, becomes problematic and forces players to purchase a new one while getting rid of the old.

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