Hades Trial of the Gods Guide

Trial of the Gods is a type of encounter where each God provides you boons and blessings upon choosing between two deities. In this Hades Trial of the Gods guide, we will explain the whole choice and consequences process of the trials.

Hades Trial of the Gods

One of the main reasons behind all the hype for The Trial of the Gods is that it allows you to pick up two Olympian Boons in a single chamber.

So, in order to have this encounter, you should have first attempted three escapes. Whether they were succesful or not, it doesn’t matter.

After this, you will be encountering two Olympian Gods in the next or what we may call as the “fourth” attempt.

The rooms with these encounters will be marked by two symbols – one for each God.

This is where you will need to make the choice of siding up with one of the Olympian Gods by selecting their symbol on the basis of the boon you desire.

The next phase of the encounter is in fact a nasty fight against the puppets of the God that you have selected to oppose.

This is where multiple armored enemies will attack you along with the attacks from the angry God himself.

These attacks are based on the God that you have stood against. Here is a list of all the attacks offered by different Gods:

God Name Attack
Aphrodite Periodically summons a slow-moving projectile which stuns and damages.
Athena Grants invulnerability to enemies in an area which lasts for 2 to 3 seconds.
Ares Spawns slow-moving yet highly damaging circles
Artemis Spawns fast-moving, randomly exploding circles
Demeter Spawn a gradually increasing circle from your position
Dionysus Randomly spawns small damaging circles
Poseidon Spawns waves that move around, dealing damage
Zeus Periodically spawns circles which call lightning strikes, dealing damage

After successfully dodging a God’s wrath, that God will forgive you and you will even get to choose from the Olympian Boons that they have. And hence, ultimately, the fight against that God will seem well worth it.