Hades House of Hades Guide

Hades revolves around its central Hub which is known as the House of Hades. For this guide, we’ll be working towards getting you familiar with the Main Hub of the game. In this House of Hades guide, you’ll learn of all possibilities found within the Hub.

Hades House of Hades

Your go-to place for relaxation in Hades is well, the House of Hades itself. If you die, you’ll be transported to this place automatically. The place is brimming with interesting characters and opportunities for you to explore.

You can unlock various upgrades for the Hub by using the House Contractor and Mirror of Night. Other rewards can be earned through the Fated List of Prophecies.

Areas in the House of Hades

Progressing through the game, you’ll discover that new characters will find their way into Hades’ domain. You might even find certain NPCs missing every now and then. They should reappear after you come back from a run.

Great Hall
The area which has the blood people (Where you respawn), is known as the Great Hall. Here you can find Hades, Cerberus, Orpheus, Nyx, Meg, and the House Contractor.

The West Hall
This side-area can be found if you go through the short hallway. Here, you will find Achilles and Thanatos.

Zagreus’ Bedroom
Zagreus’ Bedroom is his personal haven located towards the East. Here, you can find the Mirror of Night, the Fated List of Prophecies, as well as Zagreus’ Bed.

The Armory
Go a little further beyond Zagreus’ Bedroom to find the armory. Here, you can find your Infernal Arms and Skelly. You can also find your Keepsake collection here, and can change your relics.

The Lounge
Opposite of Zagreus’ Bedroom is the Lounge. You won’t be able to access this area until you’ve done a few runs in the dungeons. Here, you can find the Chef, the Wretched Broker, and Dusa the Maid (Medusa).

Administrative Chamber
You can obtain an upgrade to unlock this room. Here, you can find hints to Zagreus’ attempts to escape and what Hades has been up to.


You might be wondering where to invest your Nectar. Following is a list of all the characters that will accept your generous gift and consequently help with your affinity and relationship.

  • Achilles
  • Cerberus
  • Megaera
  • Skelly
  • Dusa
  • Orpheus
  • Nyx
  • Thanatos
  • Hypnos

You can give one to Hades too, but he won’t really care and you won’t get anything in return.

The Wretched Broker

Ahh yes, the merchant himself. The Wretched Broker can be found once you have finally unlocked The Lounge. You can unlock the Lounge by doing four runs.

Through most of my playthrough, I usually ended up farming items for myself instead of trying to buy ‘em off of The Wretched Broker as he was just too overpriced.

However, he will have a few limited-time offers that you might want to check every after every run.

The Head Chef next to The Wretched Broker will reward you with Nectar, Diamonds, Titan Blood and other stuff depending on the type of fight you’ve caught during your runs.

The House Contractor

Your House of Hades (Main Hub) can be improved via The House Contractor. Most of these upgrades are cosmetics and cost hundreds of thousands of gemstones in order to be implemented.

Initially, you won’t really be interested in the cosmetic upgrades; our focus goes towards the more game-changing upgrades.

To find these upgrades, go into the Work Orders tab, and start buying ‘em out. These are relatively important to ease your journey into Hades’ depths.

The Songs of Orpheus

Orpheus the famous Poet can be brought into House of Hades by unlocking the “Court Musician’s Sentence” upgrade for 1x Diamonds.

Once bought, Orpheus will appear, and you’ll be able to give him gifts to improve your affinity with him.

A new tab will become available for the House Contractor, and you will be able to buy soundtracks using Diamonds.