GAME Changes Free Delivery Policy For PS5 & Xbox Series X Pre-Orders

GAME has begun charging for delivery of all PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X pre-orders, effectively bringing an end to a prior free delivery policy on console pre-orders by the United Kingdom retail giant.

According to a report by Eurogamer earlier today, a £10 delivery charge will now be added to every next-generation console pre-order made through the official GAME website. The same £10 delivery charge will, however, be limited to new and upcoming pre-orders and not be applied to existing PS5 and Xbox Series X pre-orders from last week.

More surprising is that GAME has reportedly been charging £10 for delivery even when customers choose to physically pick-up their next-generation console in-store. That may as well have been a mistake but GAME is yet to put out an official statement as clarification.

The enforced delivery charges have naturally caused a stir among local consumers, specially when GAME has struggled to keep up with next-generation console pre-orders. The retailer began taking pre-orders for Xbox Series X and S last week but due to high demand, the website was crashing or timing out for consumers. Since GAME is one of only two retailers offering the monthly-installment Xbox All Access in the United Kingdom, consumers feel that they are being forced to pay the extra delivery charge in order to secure an Xbox Series X and S pre-order.

In all fairness, GAME has not been the only retailer to struggle keeping up with high demand. Xbox Series X and S were sold out with minutes when Australia and New Zealand started taking pre-orders. Same was the case in India. Amazon too sold out all of its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S inventory within a few minutes. The Microsoft Store, as evident, started taking pre-orders with the largest available stock but sold out within the hour.

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