Xbox Series S Capabilities Bring Equivalent Visuals Despite Less Power

One of the more surprising announcements about the Xbox Series X is that it will have a less powerful companion console right out the gate. Even though it’s smaller and less powerful, however, the Xbox Series S capabilities appear to be almost as good as the parent console, with peak visuals despite downscaling.

One can’t really fault the S for not being stronger. After all, it’s not only smaller, but also around 200 dollars cheaper than the normal console. It’s most definitely a more economic model for people that don’t have $499 to shell out, and who don’t care as much about graphics.

However, despite being less powerful, the Xbox Series S is apparently very easy to develop for, at least according to Codemasters, the team behind Dirt 5. In a recent interview with Digital Foundry, technical director David Springate praised the console.

The Xbox Series S, according to Springate, makes the process of downscaling the game essentially seamless, whether you’re dialing back resolution or downscaling other graphical aspects like weather intensity, shadow quality, and more.

Overall, it seems that the Xbox Series S capabilities seem geared towards bringing high-quality visuals even if they’re downscaled from the Xbox Series X. This definitely helps to give the console more value for less money.

For instance, the console is still capable of 120 frames per second, with DirectX raytracing, spatial sound, and more. It also has no disk drive, so if you’ve fallen off buying games physically during the pandemic, the Xbox One S doesn’t need you to pick it up again.

It’s also a full hundred dollars cheaper than its direct competition, the discless version of the Playstation 5. Unlike that console, which is $100 cheaper than the 5, the Series X is $200 cheaper than the X.

We’ll be able to see how the Xbox Series S capabilities compare with the Xbox Series X when the consoles come out on November 10 of this year. Dirt 5 will be coming out on November 6 for current-gen platforms and will get a next-gen version sometime later.