Quantum Error Now Coming To Xbox Series X, Possibly PC In 2021

After being heavily promoted as a PlayStation 5-exclusive and teased as a possible launch title, Quantum Error has also been confirmed for Xbox Series X.

Alongside the announcement trailer last night, developer TeamKill Media dropped hints to release the first-person cosmic horror game simultaneously on both PS5 and Xbox Series X somewhere in late 2021.

While responding to comments, the developer pointed out that it has “always been open to more platforms” and hence, there should be no surprise in Quantum Error coming to Xbox Series X.

A release on Xbox Series S though will “depend on how development goes” and which will be communicated “at a later date.” TeamKill Media also teased that releasing the game on PC “is very possible” and seeing that Quantum Error is no longer an exclusive as previously perceived, a PC version could be in the cards.

TeamKill Media comprises a small team of four developers for Quantum Error, all of whom have been prioritizing the PS5 version over the PS4 version. In a recent interview, the developer noted that the PS5 version will feature advanced lighting with ray tracing reflections and near-instant loading on 4K resolution.

Quantum Error remains without any concrete details or extended gameplay footage. The only prominent thing to know is that the horror offering is being developed for players who love games like Dead Space, Doom 3, Fear, and Resident Evil 7. The developer previously hinted that those claims will be proven once a full-blown reveal takes place, which is yet to happen. Due to the late 2021 release window, fans will likely have to wait until sometime next year before knowing what Quantum Error is all about.

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