PES 2021 Beginners Tips

PES 2021 is out and it’s time to kick the ball. PES can be a pretty tricky game, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, your opponent might get the better of you. In these PES 2021 Beginners Tips, we’ll be showing you a few things to keep in mind as you get to the playing field.

PES 2021 Beginners Tips

Having a game-plan prior to dribbling the ball across the field can really help your chances for a goal in PES 2021.

Although the game has a pretty steep learning curve, you’ll find that by mastering the game’s different techniques, you will be able to run circles around most players who haven’t been keeping up.

If you’ve played PES 2020, then you shouldn’t have much problem with 2021 considering it’s simply a seasonal update.

Outskill your Opponents

Unlike FIFA, the game doesn’t have you on your toes and isn’t as fast-paced as you’d expect it to be. Due to that very idea, make sure that you put thought and skill into every move you make on the field.

Try to dribble the ball away from your opponent in the opposite direction as they approach you. Take it away from them, and create a space to go past them and move forward.

It’s going to take some time to become natural with the movement of your characters, but with practice, you’ll be able to out-maneuver most of the skilled opponents on the field.

Play in accordance with your Attributes

Your player’s statistics give you a rough idea regarding how you should approach the field with him. The attributes help you to create a game plan.

Having high dribbling or passing stats will allow you to create a great build-up, which will eventually put some pressure on the enemy team. Understand your character, and play out the game accordingly.

Conserve your Sprint

Sprinting is important, and using it at the wrong moments can really mess up your momentum. If you end up tired before you make your big play, you’ll end up losing a great opportunity that may have resulted in a great goal.

Thus, in PES, we try to avoid sprinting aimlessly. Use it when you think it’ll be effective.

Pressing the Sprint button when it’s not necessary will result in disastrous outcomes for your team, and allow your enemy to take control of the ball easily.

You can switch to the player closest to the ball to avoid spending too much stamina in getting someone else close to it.

Play Defensive

Trying to hope for your enemy to make mistakes isn’t a viable strategy in any game. Knowing your own strengths and playing by them is guaranteed to work. Your enemy may be weak, but a head-on attack with no plan can be stopped pretty easily.

Knowing when to hold the line, and going all out can be the difference in winning a game in PES 2021.

Set your team up with ‘All out Defense’ or ‘Frontline Pressure’ tactics to put the opposing team under some heat. This will ensure one of two things. You end up defending an enemy push, or even better, they make an error for you to exploit.

Work with the Flow

Head through the field in a linear flow. Hoarding the ball to one player will result in failure. Make sure to carefully pass the balls to your allies whenever you can.

This will create a confusion amongst the enemies, and they won’t be able to converge on you as effectively as they should.

Breaking through the defensive lines using strategic passing can create some amazing opportunities for your team to score some goals.

Create a strategy, build the play, and make it work.