Call of Duty Warzone Fractured Intel Locations Guide

In this Warzone Fractured Intel Locations guide, we’ll give you all six of the locations where you can find the collectibles to complete the mission in Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone Fractured Intel Locations

Fractured is a new Intel mission that has just been added to the Warzone. You can find it in a separate tab in the missions’ menu.

To complete the Fractured mission, you’ll have to collect six collectibles, spread across the map.

The game will not give you the exact location of each collectible, instead, it will give you a set of clues.

Deciphering these clues can be cumbersome. Therefore, we’ve given the exact locations for these collectibles below.

You cannot collect all of the collectibles in a single game. you’ll have to play 6 different games to collect all of them.

It’s better to collect them in Plunder, as you can easily jump in and out of the game.

Fractured Intel 1 – The TV Station
This is the first collectible and, and perhaps the easiest one to locate as well. If you view the intel, it will show you a picture of the TV Station.

Land on top of the TV Station, and head downstairs to the main area, the one with all the desks and cabins.

You’ll find the collectible placed on the newsreader’s desk.

Fractured Intel 2 – Verdansk Airport
When you view the second intel, it will give you a transcript of some sort.

To save you the hassle of going through the complete document and trying to decipher it, the intel you’re looking for is located at Verdansk Airport.

Land inside the airport, the area where the roof has caved in.

Head through the door that says “Business Class” and jump through the window on the left. The collectible will be on your left.

Fractured Intel 3 – Verdansk Airport
The third intel is also at the airport, but this time you need to make a landing at the airport tower.

Make it up to the top of the tower, and you’ll find the intel integrated into one of the control panels.

Fractured Intel 4 – Crashed Plane
Make a landing at the crash site and you’ll notice that the plane is split into three parts.

Look for the part of the plane that has the cockpit (the one furthest to the left). You’ll find the collectible between the seats.

Fractured Intel 5 – The Military Base
If you view the 5th intel, it will give you a backstory of how the airplane blew up, explained through a conversation transcript.

Make a landing at the Military Base. The building of interest is not labeled on the map, but it is near the south entrance of the hangar. Once inside, look for the intel next to the laptop.

Fractured Intel 6 – The Military Base
Head to the Military Base again, and make your way to the radio tower. There is a rectangular building next to it. The intel is located on a desk inside the building.

There are a total of six intel that you need to collect. Once you’ve collected all six, head back to the intel’s tab and view the intel again.

A message will pop up, explaining the backstory of the warzone map, do not confuse it with another intel that you have to collect

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