WWE 2K Battlegrounds Status Bars Guide

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Bar Mechanics are necessary to go through and understand as the game features 5 different Bars to keep track of in the ring. This guide is a detailed description of all the status bars in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Bar Mechanics

So as written above, there are total of 5 types of Bar each with their own associated Mechanics in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

These are the Health Bar, Stamina Bar, Heat Bar, Crowd Bar, and Power-Up Bar.

Below are the details about each bar in case you are confused about any two Bars i.e Heat Bar & Crowd Bar.

Health Bar
The Health Bar is located around a circle under your character’s feet, on the left side.

As its name suggests, the Health Bar shows the Total and Remaining health of your superstar.

Besides, the health bar also acts as an energy bar, since the lower your health, lesser will you have energy to get back up after taking a beat or to escape a submission. However, your stamina can affect the energy effect of your health bar.

Stamina Bar
Located under your Superstar’s feet to the right side, the stamina bar is a direct representation of your energy and power levels.

Combos, Special Throws and Special Moves require good Stamina and if your Stamina is low, you might face problems doing them.

Besides, a lower Stamina also affects running, blocking and submission.

However, unlike Health, Stamina is refilled after a little rest and you can continue using its full potential.

Heat Bar
The Heat Bar can be seen as a white circle under your character’s feet. The way it refills, it can be understood that it is in fact the encouragement energy you get from your own bold acts such as dealing damage, performing special moves or taunts.

The Heat Bar, as per information from older titles in the WWE Games Series, can be termed as the Momentum of your character.

The special thing about the Heat Bar is that in order to perform your Signature or Finisher Moves, you will need to have a full Heat Bar.

Moreover, lower levels of Heat Bar will snatch the ability of counter attacking your opponent.

Crowd Bar
The Crowd Bar is a unique Bar featured in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which is located at the very bottom of the screen where you can also find the HUD.

The mechanism of the Crowd Bar is such that you need to execute those specific moves which the crowd wants to see, and which are displayed continuously in the HUD area.

Performing those specific moves will fill up the Crowd bar and you will have more chances of winning by pinfall or submission.

On the contrary, being inactive or not performing the moves liked by crowd will lower the crowd bar and strengthens opponent.

Tip: Taunting your opponent also fills the crowd bar.

Power-Up Bar
The Power-Up bar is located in the HUD where you can see the icons of 3 Power-ups.

These icons will only appear when the Power-Up bar is filled and hence grant an advantage of doing special moves.

Extra – Money Bar
Only available during the caged matches, the Money bar is the representation of the collected money being appeared by the cages.

Once the money bar is filled, you can escape the cage and Win!