Nolan North Wouldn’t Say No To Uncharted 5

Even though Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was supposed to be the end of Nathan Drake’s story of treasure-hunting, that doesn’t mean that Nolan North is done with the character. One of gaming’s most prominent voices said in an interview recently that he would be open to returning as Drake in Uncharted 5.

The interview was with the website ComicBookMovie about North’s role in Crystal Dynamic’s recent Marvel’s Avengers game, where he played the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist superhero Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. When asked about Uncharted, North said that while he was satisfied with how the series ended, he wouldn’t say no to returning.

There hasn’t been any sort of confirmation or even news about a new Uncharted game recently, so it’s still hypotheticals for now, but Drake is one of North’s most prominent roles, even considering how many games and shows he’s voice acted in over the years.

There’s also no telling what an Uncharted 5 might have as a story. While it could be some other Nathan Drake adventure that comes before Uncharted 4 in the game’s timeline, it could also focus on a grown-up Cassie Drake, Nathan’s daughter that was introduced in the epilogue of the fourth game.

Of course, again, there’s no telling about if Naughty Dog will ever consider a fifth Uncharted game or not. The company moved on fairly quickly from Uncharted to work entirely on The Last Of Us 2, and who knows what else they’ll be working on in the future.

So, whether or not we actually get an Uncharted 5 at some point in the future, it’s good to know that we’ll always have Nolan North as part of the game in some capacity. Hopefully we’ll get some news on Naughty Dog’s next game soon, whether or not it’s a brand new Uncharted game.