Walmart PS5 Preorders No Longer Available Due To Coronavirus

Playstation finally unveiled the Playstation 5’s price and release date for both of its versions yesterday. However, while many retailers are taking preorders currently, Walmart PS5 preorders are not going to be available, despite the chain previously offering them starting from September 22. This is intended to protect customers in the pandemic.

As the coronavirus pandemic is still not over in a variety of countries across the world, the United States’s Center for Disease Control is advocating that large gatherings not be held in order to prevent flare-ups of the COVID-19 virus.

While Walmart had originally had the Playstation 5 available for preorder off of their website, since then those preorders have apparently been cancelled. The console is now listed as “coming soon” and there’s no pre-order option available.

Various stores and restaurants across the United States are reopening as the pandemic appears to be dying down, but they are still following the guidelines of the government and various state officials that limit them to a certain capacity. It’s likely that the Walmart PS5 preorders were cancelled in order to allow the store to continue to control traffic.

If the console was allowed to be pre-ordered, the company would likely have a huge amount of people attempting to crowd into their stores at once, placing enormous strain not only on the store’s capacity limits but also putting themselves at risk of possibly catching the coronavirus.

While it’s annoying, especially for any gamer who only has a Wal-Mart as a place to buy games, you can’t really enjoy a Playstation 5 if you catch COVID and have to go to the hospital. And even if you lost your Wal-Mart PS5 preorders you can still pre-order them from somewhere else, such as an online retailer that will ship it to you and keep you from having to go out in public.

The Playstation 5 is supposed to be coming out on November 12 in major regions, with the normal model costing $499 while the discless model costs $399.