Xbox Series S Games Will Be Smaller In Size, Microsoft Explains How

Xbox Series S has been designed to not only be 60 percent smaller than Xbox Series X but also have smaller file sizes for games in comparison.

Speaking with IGN in a recent interview, Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald stated that installation files of games should be 30 percent smaller on Xbox Series S than on the flagship next-generation console. He explained that the cheaper alternative to Xbox Series X targets lower resolutions and hence, developers will have no need to include higher-resolution textures.

Ronald also noted that Microsoft has been offering developers the technology to choose which assets to pair with games according to intended platforms or devices. That means developers will have the flexibility to play around with file sizes for the same game for both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

“With a performance target of 1440p at 60 fps, our expectation is that developers will not ship their highest level mipmaps to Xbox Series S, which will reduce the size of the games,” said Ronald. “Ultimately the controls in the developer’s hands. We’ve had this technology for a while that allows developers to intelligently choose which assets to install on which device they’re playing on. So the flexibility is in the developers’ hands to make sure the right assets are there.”

Storage capacity has and will always be a subject of concern for console owners. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will launch with an internal 1TB and 512GB solid-state drive respectively. In the case of the latter, the storage will hardly be enough to have six or seven games installed at once when looking at how most triple-a modern-day games easily weigh in about 60-70GB; and that does not even cover post-release updates and expansions. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone being prime examples of storage nightmares.

That being said, players will have the option to purchase external storage solutions. Microsoft has confirmed that memory cards can be hot-swapped in Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S without the need of turning the consoles off or reboot.

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