PlayStation 5 Variant With 2TB Memory Available For Pre-Order Soon

Today’s the day that Sony and Playstation have another showcase about the Playstation 5, which will hopefully involve the console’s release date and price opening up. But before that, a new Playstation 5 variant that came with a 2 terabyte memory will soon be available for pre-order on the online retailer Play Asia.

There’s been no announcement of any other versions of the Playstation 5 since the console was actually revealed. There, two different variants, one with a disk drive and the other without, were announced. A two-terabyte variant, however, might appeal to more gamers who would prefer to do less storage shuffling.

Considering the default Playstation 4 had a 500 gigabyte storage capacity when it was first released, only upgrading to 2 terabytes with subsequent versions, the fact that there’s already going to be a Playstation 5 variant with that much available for pre-order is a good move on Sony’s part.

Along with the 2 terabyte variant, however, Play Asia also had a number of other Playstation 5 variants also in its listings. These include both one and two terabyte consoles both with disc drives and without, each present in both Asian and European regions, though nothing about the Americas.

Sony seems to be doing everything that it can in order to try and up-sell the Playstation 5 over the Xbox Series X, especially since the Playstation 5 is less powerful than the X this time around. Playstation seems to be focusing more on game choice and now, storage, to distinguish the PS5 in its own right.

Whether that will actually work in the long run remains to be seen, however. While the 2 terabyte Playstation 5 variant is definitely a big deal, and the Playstation 5 has many exclusive games that can draw gamers in, we’ll have to wait until both consoles release to see exactly which one ends up coming out on top.

While the Xbox Series X will be coming out on November 10 for $499 (or $299 for the Xbox Series S), we’ll just have to see if today’s Playstation showcase brings up the PS5’s release date and price.