Next Nintendo Console Will Have Unique Integrated Hardware-Software

Nintendo is apparently already hard at work developing their next console, even though the Nintendo Switch has only been out for three years. While there isn’t a release window for it yet, Nintendo said in a recently-released investor’s briefing that the next Nintendo console will have a unique integrated hardware-software system.

Nintendo has pushed the technological envelope with almost all of its past few consoles, such as the Nintendo Wii popularizing motion controls, the Nintendo Wii U bringing up the concept of a screen you can use to play games on the go, and the Switch’s JoyCons that also advanced both aspects of the prior consoles.

There have been rumors in the past about a new Switch variant that is supposedly releasing in 2021, but Nintendo has done nothing to confirm that at the moment and this is the first time they’ve talked about releasing a successor to the Switch.

The next Nintendo console will also once again push the hardware line further, as they’ve done with many of their consoles and handhelds before now. Again, however, this hasn’t been elaborated on, and we’ll probably only see it when Nintendo is actually ready to announce.

The Switch itself was called the Nintendo NX for a very long while before it was finally announced back in the last months of 2016 to be called the Switch. With that in mind, it’s likely that whatever Nintendo is aiming to call their next console, we’ll hear its working title way before we hear its actual name.

Exactly what that name will be for the next Nintendo console, no one knows. It might be several years before Nintendo even releases it, especially since, again, the Nintendo Switch only came out around three years ago and is still performing extremely well. We’ll just have to keep an eye out for any new information about it in the future.