Final Fantasy 16 Coming To Only PS5, Not PC, Clarifies Square Enix

Final Fantasy 16 will be releasing exclusively for PlayStation 5 and not for any other platforms including PC.

The announcement trailer from earlier today mentioned that the shown footage was captured on PC but was emulating the capabilities of PS5. The trailer also ended with a slide that mentioned Final Fantasy 16 to be a PlayStation console exclusive while confirming availability on PC in fine-print.

Following the announcement though, Square Enix quickly backtracked to only mention an exclusive release for PS5. “We have no further information on if Final Fantasy 16 will be released on platforms other than the PS5,” clarified Square Enix to Gematsu earlier today, making for a messy messaging on the part of Sony.

The same sources that leaked the existence of Final Fantasy 16 in prior months also mentioned an exclusivity agreement between Square Enix and Sony Interactive Entertainment. The recent Final Fantasy 7 remake, for example, was also flaunting PlayStation exclusivity before a one-year timed exclusivity confirmed that the game would be releasing for Xbox One and PC as well.

Hence, Final Fantasy 16 will likely follow the same pathing. The new installment in the franchise will remain on PS5 either for six months or a year before landing on other platforms including PC. Reportedly though, Square Enix has plans to bring the game to PC after six months, and to Xbox Series X after a year. Expect details about the timed exclusivity period to be revealed somewhere down the road. Final Fantasy 16 has been scheduled for a release in 2021, meaning that the developer will be sharing more about the game before coming to platforms.

Strange as it is, Demon’s Souls suffered from a similar broken messaging earlier today. Demon’s Souls was said to be coming to PC and other consoles. Sony had to jump in to quickly clarify that “human error” was responsible for the mistake. The remake of the classic will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 this holiday season.

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