Tell Me Why Episode 3 Collectibles Locations Guide

In this Tell Me Why Episode 3 Collectibles guide, we’ll tell you about the locations of the collectibles that you can find in the third chapter of the game and how you can collect them.

Tell Me Why Episode 3 Collectibles

While Alyson and Tyler search for answers during the third episode, they’ll also come across three collectible statues that could help them uncover more secrets.

The locations of these collectible statues is given below, in the order that they appear. If you miss one of them, you will have to restart the chapter to pick it up and get full completion.

The Secret Keeper
This is the first of three collectibles in the third episode of Tell me Why. To access it, you need to head over to Eddy’s room.

There you’ll find a blue box located on a shelf towards the left of the room.

The collectible you’re looking for is placed inside the box. However, you cannot open the box without a coin.

Several coins are lying on a desk by the window in the living room. You cannot pick up the coins if you haven’t inspected the box in Eddy’s room beforehand.

Once you’ve picked up the coins you can go back and access the collectible within the box.

The Old Bear
For the second collectible, visit Sam in his workshop. You’ll be taken into his office.

Don’t waste your time talking to him if you are only interested in the collectible.

Old Bear is lying in the top drawer of his desk.

The Gold Lady
To retrieve this last collectible, you’ll have to solve a puzzle.

There is a giant painting on the wall at the far end of the room towards the end of the episode.

There is a small hidden compartment in the wall that will open up when you solve the puzzle.

To solve the puzzle, select Title, Castle, Hand, Girl, and Tree.

Inside the compartment, you’ll find the Gold Lady. Seems Mary-Ann was quite rich!

All of the collectibles that you’ve collected so far can now be placed on tree stumps at the end of the chapter. This will unlock an achievement.

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