After Silent Hills, Junji Ito Would Love To Work With Kojima

Everyone knows that Hideo Kojima was in contact with renowned Japanese horror master Junji Ito for Silent Hills just before the game was cancelled. Ito has now provided more insight on his one-time meeting with the Metal Gear creator.

Speaking with Polygon in a recent interview, Ito recalled how he was contacted by Kojima “about a Silent Hill [Silent Hills] sequel that he was in the beginning stages of working on” but the project was scrapped by Konami before Ito got too involved.

Ito confessed that he is “not too familiar with video games” and has not even played a Silent Hill game. The chance of working with Kojima on one of his pet projects though was exciting and the reason why he was “feeling anxious the entire time” during the meeting.

“At the end of the meeting I took some illustrations of monsters I had drawn before that I had printed out and handed them over to the two directors for reference,” added Ito while noting that there was never another meeting again. “If Kojima-san contacts me again, I’d love to contribute as much as I’m able to.”

Silent Hills was tragically cancelled more than five years ago but the game continues to make rounds in reference to Hideo Kojima. The reason being that Kojima has been rumored to be working on an unannounced horror game that could see a collaboration between Kojima Productions and Konami if some sources are to be believed. That though will likely never happen.

Kojima could still be working on something horror though since he has mentioned a horror-base game to Ito recently. The acclaimed horror manga artist and writer has made it clear that he will gladly accept an invitation should Kojima decide to go through with his horror project.

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