French Retailer Advertizes Playstation 5 Pre-Orders, Announcement Today?

Sony’s Playstation 5 Showcase will be live in a few hours and with it will probably come its release date, price, and pre-orders. Everyone is waiting anxiously for the publisher to announce more information on the console as well as some new titles. Amidst the anticipation, french retailer FNAC has set up advertisements in their stores, focused on the Playstation 5 pre-order sales. Does this confirm the news for today?

The FNAC advertisement promotes pre-ordering for Playstation 5 in their stores, which poses as exceptional timing for the start of Sony’s presentation. The fact that Microsoft has announced prices, pre-order, and release dates for the Xbox Series X and S, it’s only natural for Sony Interactive Entertainment to follow in the same steps. The fact that FNAC is advertising pre-orders for Playstation 5 can only mean that the day is soon.

It’s only natural for the pre-orders for the Playstation 5 to run out fast. A huge amount of gamers intend to order the console prior to its release in fear of limited stock due to the COVID outbreak. Sony has reassured everyone that there won’t be limited stock in the months after its release, console fans are always impatient when it comes to a new generation though. Especially, since it’s a huge leap in hardware power.

Apart from the juicy information about the Playstation 5 release and pre-order dates, we can’t wait to see what titles will Sony announce this time. Fans expect Elden Ring to pop up during the show and the name “Silent Hill” is showing up a lot lately although the chances are slim. Apart from Resident Evil Village and Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, Playstation 5 doesn’t have any more huge console sellers so it wouldn’t surprise us if Sony Interactive Entertainment has a few aces up their sleeve. We’ll know for sure in a few hours from now.

Make sure to tune in live at 1 pm PDT / 9 pm BST / 10 pm CEST today on Playstation’s Youtube and Twitch channels.

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