Fall Guys Midseason Update Brings Various Improvements And Big Yeetus

Fall Guys Season 2 has been getting a lot of buzz ever since it was revealed on Gamescom’s opening night, and to get players ready for some of its changes, Mediatonic, the creators of Fall Guys, is releasing a Fall Guys midseason update to make some changes to the game beforehand.

To start off with, round variations will now be a thing in the game. Each round that you play will have been changed in a variety of ways, and you won’t know how until you play them. These include new obstacles, random rotations, and even tumbling fruit.

If you’ve gotten a strategy for Seesaws, Gate Crash, or Turntables, for instance, you might suddenly have to rethink your strategy if something changes out of nowhere, which it can and most likely will after you download the update.

Along with the changes to the different game modes, players will find the game to be more stable, with changes to server stability, visual effects improvements, and more that will help make the game run more smoothly in the Fall Guys midseason update.

Perhaps one of the largest changes (both literally and figuratively) that has been added to the game, in the form of Big Yeetus. While Mediatonic hasn’t given out many details on it, it will apparently be a massive and random hammer obstacle that pops up in various levels from time to time.

Fall Guys season 2 is supposed to be coming out on October 6, so there’s still a few weeks until we can get our hands on it and see all of the new games and costume ideas. But, in the meantime, the Fall Guys midseason update is sure to throw at least a little bit of variety into the game, especially if you’ve been playing a lot and doing your best to collect crowns.