Immortals: Fenyx Rising Name-Change Was Due To Monster Energy

Gods & Monsters was only recently revealed to have been renamed to Immortals: Fenyx Rising. Ubisoft never explained the actual reasoning behind the rather strange and surprising name-change except that Immortals: Fenyx Rising seemed to better encapsulate the game. The truth apparently involves a trademark duel with popular beverage brand Monster Energy.

According to a report by Tech Raptor earlier today, obtained court documents validate that Monster Energy opposed Gods & Monsters because the name would damage its business as well as relations with the games and esports industry.

The court happenings took place about two months before Ubisoft revealed Immortals: Fenyx Rising. However, no ruling was actually passed in the favor of either Ubisoft or Monster Energy. It reasons that with the reveal and release on the horizon, Ubisoft refrained from pursuing legal battles since that would have made a mess of the game. Hence, the more beneficial move being to simply rename the game and not sacrifice resources.

Fenyx, the titular protagonist of the game, will be heading out on a grand mythological adventure to save the Greek gods from a dark curse, so says a listing of Immortals: Fenyx Rising from earlier in the month. The stylized open-world takes heavy inspirations from Greek mythology, even hosting seven unique regions inspired by the gods. There will be all sorts of godly powers, abilities, and weapons; as well as beats and monsters like Cyclops and Medusa straight from the Greek bestiary.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising releases this holiday season for all major current- and next-generation consoles as well as Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC. The next-generation versions though might be making use of backwards compatibility.

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