Battlefield 3 Remake May Be DICE’s Next Battlefield Game

A recent Twitter post on the official Battlefield Twitter has apparently dropped a hint that DICE will be doing a Battlefield 3 remake, though nothing is actually confirmed yet. The post in question is a five-second clip from Battlefield 3’s first level, though no other hints of anything have been dropped.

Battlefield 3 was DICE’s first mainline Battlefield game since Battlefield 2 all the way back in 2005, though they’d been developing other games since then, having released Battlefield: Bad Company 2 back in 2010 and using its vaunted destruction engine in Battlefield 3.

Considering the huge leap in graphics that Battlefield 3 represented for the series, it’s possible that DICE may be remaking it in order to capitalize on the greater graphics of this console generation, especially since it’s been roughly a decade since the game came out.

Both the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5 have been touting their higher resolutions, better framerates, ray tracing, and more, which could be very good for any game like Battlefield that depends highly on graphics. Considering the benchmark it set, a Battlefield 3 remake could be a great tech demo.

If a remake was in the making, DICE would likely want it to be coming in 2021. That would be the tenth anniversary of the game’s release, so it would be a good way to celebrate the game’s anniversary. But all of this also leaves the question of what will happen to Battlefield 6.

Battlefield, unlike the Call of Duty series, doesn’t go for yearly releases, allowing them to put out high-quality games almost every time. But despite hearing various rumors about a Battlefield 6, the post about a Battlefield 3 remake is the only thing we’ve seen that might have any kind of evidence. Unless the remake is, itself, Battlefield 6.

Either way, you can see the Twitter post for yourself by following this link, and hopefully DICE will be giving us more information sometime soon, perhaps even at the Playstation 5 presentation happening Wednesday.