Second Extinction Can Call A Satellite Laser On The Battlefield

It turns out that traditional or conventional weaponry will not be the only offensive options in Second Extinction against the threat of mutated dinosaurs that have overrun a post-apocalyptic Earth in the future.

According to a rating summary by the Entertainment Software Rating Board earlier today, Second Extinction will feature a “large-scale satellite laser” that can be called in by players to leave the battlefield “covered in dinosaur limbs and blood.” The rating summary goes on further to note machine guns, shotguns, rifles, and explosives as some of the other available weapons in the game that can be used to kill hordes of dinosaurs for “large blood-splatter effects.”

By description alone, the satellite laser looks to have a massive area of effect and will probably end up being a desperate final attempt for players to stay alive when surrounded. Something to note is that developer and publisher Systemic Reaction previously confirmed how players will be able to purchase new weapons and craft upgrades by earning research points through kills. Hence, it goes without saying that something like a satellite laser will probably have to be unlocked in Second Extinction through great effort. There may possibly be also upgrades to make the satellite laser even deadlier.

Second Extinction remains in active development for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Systemic Reaction plans to host an early access period somewhere in October if there are no further delays. There will also be a beta period. However, dates for both early access and beta as well as for the official release remains to be revealed. Systemic Reaction has suggested that more details will be shared soon or at least once the early access period goes live.

Second Extinction for either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 has not been confirmed. The game will also unlikely be a launch title for Xbox Series X.

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