League Of Legends Clubs Are Being Removed In 2020

Riot Games has announced that the League of Legends client, including the mobile application, will no longer support Clubs in the coming months.

Posting on its official blog earlier today, Riot Games explained why Clubs are being removed “in the near future” and which mostly boils down to there being better and plenty of third-party alternatives.

Discord in particular is a must-have service for players before jumping into League of Legends with their friends. Riot Games admitted that comparing something like Discord with Clubs makes “the disparity in the experience extremely clear.” There are several other third-party services as well that easily dwarf Clubs and as such, no point in trying to beat them. “We’re okay with that, and encourage you to use the tools they provide!” said Riot Games.

Clubs were originally envisioned to be a way for players to develop and manage League of Legends communities, clans, or guilds. The feature though has never been developed any further than just allowing players to join Clubs and have the name/tag show up before their summoner names.

The final nail in the coffin came in the form of a technology blockade. Riot Games stated that Clubs were built using internal and external systems and software. The latter are now no longer fully supported by their original developers. Riot Games could consider rebuilding Clubs but as pointed above, there seems no reason to put in so much effort when the League of Legends player-base has been comfortably using third-party services for years. “Based on the current level of innovation happening in community management tools, it’s clear that this is not the place for us to focus our efforts in order to have the biggest impact on players,” Riot Games reasoned.

There is no exact date to when Clubs will be removed but Riot Games has confirmed that the feature will be removed from League of Legends within 2020. The developer wants to “provide a truly great experience” for players and that means pouring all efforts and resources into the main League of Legends game and Teamfight Tactics.

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