This is How Retail Xbox Series X Box Looks

Xbox Series X might be a box but its own retail box should also get some hype. Did that even make sense? Well, the first look of the Xbox Series X box surfaced online today and even saying it sounds like a tongue-twister. The box showcases the top of the console, where the green backdrop resides and is, in fact, one of the coolest ones we’ve seen so far.

Over the past years, Microsoft hasn’t been spending too much time on designing their console boxes. From the 360 to One to One S, all those console had a really standard retail box. The One X box has one of the most minimal and pretty boxes we’ve seen from the company and they’re going on the same path with the Xbox Series X box too. Here the images:

xbox series x box

xbox series x bottom

Although we can’t exactly tell how big the Xbox Series X box is, we know that the console is bulky. As a result, we expect it to be one of the biggest boxes that Microsoft has retailed consoles in. The package also includes a new Xbox controller as well as all required cables and manuals.

Xbox Series X and S release on November 10th and it will mark a brand new era for Microsoft and the console war. The company is putting most of its efforts into first-party titles as well as Xbox Game Pass.

The budget Xbox Series S console is considered one of the best consoles at its price point, meaning that we might be seeing the king of next-gen consoles right there. With Playstation 5’s popularity rising every day, it will be interesting to see what fans will choose as their first console this time around.

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