Spellbreak Beginners Guide

Spellbreak brings a unique take on the Battle Royale genre by introducing spells and new mechanics into the mix. Our Spellbreak Beginners Guide will help you get a head start in Spellbreak by laying out everything you need to know when starting out, so let’s get into it.

Spellbreak Beginners Guide

Spellbreak works like an RPG where you are one-on-one with an enemy, but all that is happening in a big battle royale stage.

When you boot up the game for the first time, you will get a long tutorial and after that, you will get to the main screen or lobby of the game, where you can see multiple options to start your battle royale, like duo, squad, or solo matchmaking.

First thing that we recommend you to do is get to the practice mode and make yourself familiar with the controls and fires and other options for items and stuff.


The basics of the game are that you will have one main gauntlet and one secondary gauntlet as your primary weapons in the game.

There are six main gauntlet classes from which you can select your main gauntlet class and it will remain with you for the whole match.

The secondary gauntlet is what you will find during the match and can be changed.


As mentioned above, there are six main gauntlet classes as:

  • Frostborn – Your starting gauntlet is the Frost gauntlet, with matching abilities.
  • Conduit – Your abilities and starting gauntlet here is the lightning gauntlet.
  • Pyromancer – This one is the fire gauntlet class.
  • Toxicologist – You get the toxic gauntlets and abilities that help them out here.
  • Stoneshaper – You get access to the stone gauntlet and abilities for that.
  • Tempest – This one gives you the wind Gauntlet.

The class you select at the start of the game will remain with you and as you progress in the map, you will level up your class which will give you extra power for the gauntlet like increased damage, low cooldown time etc.

We recommend you to try out all the gauntlets in the practice mode before you set foot in the actual battle field.

One gauntlet has one primary and one secondary attack each. Primary attack is what you can fire instantly and secondary attack is a special ability.

The powers of each gauntlet are very different than each other and they basically control elements of nature.

But it does not end here and the level of creativity starts when you know you can mix up two different gauntlet attacks to create a new attack.

Yes, as we have mentioned, you can use two gauntlets; So, when you get the secondary gauntlet in the field, you can then mix up their attacks to create new attacks.

For e.g. if you use the tornado from the wind gauntlet and use the fire gauntlet you can create a fire tornado.

It shows that the game mechanics are not shallow, and they gave players room to look around and use creativity to do new stuff.

So, we encourage you to try all the abilities out in the practice mode.


Inventory in this game is just like any other battle royale games, but the main difference is that the combat is magic based.

You will have passive equipment slots in addition to your gauntlets in the game. They will let you pick temporary boost items like boots and amulets.

These items will help you by boosting the damage you inflict or by increasing your speed and other stuff. Look around for potion as well as they will give you magical buffs.

The most important abilities of the game are called Runes. Always keep an eye for runes as they are stronger than any other abilities.

These abilities are not game buffs but actual abilities that can help you in gameplay, like teleportation and invisibility etc.

Your runes will work perfect when you match them with the gauntlet class you are using.

Now when you are in the game and looting items, you will store them to your inventory.

As you interact with an item on the map, you will open your inventory and will be able to see every item, ability and buff you have and what you don’t have.

It will clearly show you the empty slots in your inventory so that it’s easy for you to know what is missing in your inventory.

Equipment and Talents

As mentioned above, these are unique abilities or talents that can be captured in game and they have a cooldown time once activated and used.

Combine them with gauntlet abilities to get the best results. There are six runes:

  • Springstep Rune – This leaps you in the air in the direction you’re going.
  • Dash Rune – This lets you perform a quick dash.
  • Wolf’s Blood Rune – Your run speed increases and you can see your enemies through walls and terrain for a short period.
  • Featherfall Rune – You can burst up into the air and slowly glide down.
  • Flight Rune – Briefly launch into the air, kind of like a Glider Redeploy launching.
  • Teleportation Rune – Teleport to a location that you target.

The equipment that you will have in game is also focused on giving you a more RPG like feel when you interact with enemies and the world around you. This equipment is as follows:

  • Amulet – These increase your max mana over the course of a game. A common one adds 10 mana, uncommon 20, rare 30, epic 40, and legendary 50.
  • Belt – A belt increases your max armor. A common one adds 40, rare 60, epic 80, legendary 100.
  • Boots – Boots increase your run speed. Common does this by 1, uncommon by 2, rare by 3, rare 4, and legendary 5.

As you can see, they will have a huge effect on your overall game performance and if you keep them to the end of the game you will have a big advantage over other players because you can upgrade them with points just like runes.

There are three types of talents in the game as well which are Mind, Body and Spirit.

The mind will interact and boost runes, manas and skills, the body will help with spells and health, and the spirit will help with speed, damage and health.

These are the basics to get you started with the game.

As you can feel, the game has deep mechanics and will take some time for you to get used to it so experiment in the practice mode to understand the deeper complexities of the game.

Tips and Tricks

The best tip for looting is to try everything that you find in the game and practice so that you get to know what works best for you. Choose a gauntlet class and upgrade your skills with it.

When you get inside a safe zone during the game you will get skill class upgrade which will give you skill points. These skill points will give you advantage over other players so make sure to get it as soon as possible.

Use inventory while looting as much as you can, as it will give you a detailed look on what is missing and what exactly do you need to pick

Get a good understanding of the gauntlet combos as they will give you a definitive edge in the battle. These combos can negate enemy attacks and destroy existing AOE effects.

One other thing, is to use your teammates gauntlet effects and create even more diverse combat portfolio. This will make you deal way more damage.

One thing to keep in mind is that friendly fire is on, so make sure to practice the control of your attacks in practice mode.

Some gauntlet abilities have mobility uses as well. Like wind effect can make you jump longer in the air. Try these out and use them to your advantage

Mana is an important resource, so make sure you have enough to use at crucial moments.

Combine them with spells to get new attacks. But do make sure that you are never out of recharge as it can catch you off guard sometimes so keep an eye for that.

As you upgrade your gauntlet it will become rarer, and the rarer the gauntlet the more powerful it gets (indicated by its color).

General tips
Use the minimap to get a better understanding of the map. It is a nice and small map and right now, not crowded at all.

As mentioned before, when you get to the safe zone you will get class ability boost so use that to your advantage.

Always stay with your teammates as when you get knocked down, they can revive you until some enemy physically banishs your orb.

Now when you knock down an enemy, do make sure to exile them by banishing their orb as well.

We hope that this guide help you jump start in the Spell break and these tips help you win some matches and get used to the game environment.