Prince of Persia Remake Release Confirmed By Multiple Sources

Prince of Persia Remake rumor has been making rounds for a while now. Ubisoft however, still has no official word on the project. Now, one official source and one retailer have leaked the title prior to its announcement.

Earlier today, Prince of Persia Remake appeared on Amazon, putting it to sale for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Its price is set at $34.99 and its release date is at 31 December 2020. As with all retailer leaks, its product page has been quickly removed and now there’s no trace of it. The release date, as is, is most possibly a placeholder for this year.

Most publishers use the last day of the year as an indication that the game in the discussion will release this year with no set launch day yet. Up until this point, everything points to Prince of Persia Remake making its debut in the next few months.

Apart from Amazon, Prince of Persia Remake also appeared on the Russian UPlay platform with a couple of screenshots discovered by a Resetera user and posted immediately. The screenshots clearly show the new Prince of Persia logo for its remake as well as showcase its new improved models. This is far more than a graphics remaster and we shall expect some gameplay enhancements as well as new additions to the story. Here are the leaked screenshots:

It’s now twice that Prince of Persia pops up online and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to expect an announcement soon. The fact that the name, price and screenshots leak online mean that Ubisoft will announce the remake today at Ubiforward.

Prince of Persia has been dormant as a franchise since 2010 with the addition of Forgotten Sands to the series. Now that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is releasing and there’s a gap in releases until the next-gen batch of video games, Ubisoft can release the remake and have more people staying loyal to their franchises.

For the time being, we wait for Ubisoft to make the official announcement since all previous mentions are nothing but leaks.

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