Marvel’s Avengers Iconic Mission: Rocket’s Red Glare Walkthrough

The first Iconic Mission for Captain America in Marvel’s Avengers is the Rockets’ Red Glare. Iconic Missions focus on a character’s story and grants you unique gear for that character.

Our Marvel’s Avengers Rockets’ Red Glare Walkthrough guide will cover the objectives that are required to complete this mission along with some tips and tricks to beat the boss.

Marvel’s Avengers Iconic Mission: Rocket’s Red Glare

Since this is Captain America’s Iconic Mission, you will be forced to play as him. However, you can still choose to play as a different character for these missions.

Locate and Defeat the AIM Exo Suit
Your first objective is to locate and defeat the AIM Exo Suit. Look for the light blue diamond marks on your screen.

Make your way towards the marker. On the first platform that you jump on, there is a chest inside the room. Open the chest and keep heading towards the marker.

Once you reach the objective, the AIM Exo Suit will appear that you will have to defeat now.

The first thing that you have to do before fighting the boss is to get rid of all the turrets installed on the walls of the buildings.

Keep your distance from the boss and use ranged attacks to lower its health. The AIM Exo Suit focuses more on melee attacks so don’t get too close to it.

Use your Heroic Abilities to finish him off quickly.

Capture and Protect the Servers
Head towards the next markers and stand on the blue highlighted area to capture the server.

There are three highlighted areas that you need to capture and protect until the Avenger’s Hacking Progress bar is full.

Enemies will try to re-hack the servers so keep checking on all three of the points. Defeat any enemy that is trying to re-hack the server.

Otherwise, you will lose your progress and have to start over.

When all of the three points have been captured and secured, stand on the platform in the middle and use the computer to enter the ground facility.

Destroy the Station’s Power Regulators
Once you enter the ground facility, defeat all of the enemies present there.

Now, head towards the markers and press the button prompted on your screen to pull out the power regulators. Attack the power regulators to destroy it.

More enemies will spawn now. Take the enemy bots out and repeat the same process.

When all three of the power regulators are out, the space station will begin to destruct.

Rush towards the indicated marker on your screen. You will see that the door is locked and the lights beside the door are red.

Stand on the yellow button in the middle of the room and the lights will turn yellow. Throw your shield at the yellow lights to destroy them and open the door.

Once you get inside the next room, your mission will complete.

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