Call of Duty Warzone Sins of the Father Intel Guide

In this Call of Duty Warzone Sins of the Father Intel guide, we will cut short your work and walk you through all the intel locations of this mission.

Call of Duty Warzone Sins of the Father Intel Mission Locations

The 3rd Week of the Season 5 of Call of Duty Warzone has brought alongside a brand-new Intel Mission, Sins of the Father.

There are a total of six pieces of intel that you’ll have to acquire in this mission by searching out different parts of Verdansk.

However, fret not, because our guide right here details how you can get to each of them. So, let’s begin!

Intel # 1
For the first piece of intel, you need to head to the Zordaya Prison Complex.

Once there, get to the top of the northeast tower of the prison which, is in fact, the highest point of the prison.

There’ll be a golden coin placed at the center. Pick it up and interact with it to find the intel that you’re after.

Reward: 2500 XP

Intel # 2
Head to the metro station at the Verdansk International Airport which is towards the northwest direction of the map.

Here, the intel that you require is that of the 3 apartment buildings across the street from 3 hangers.

You’ll get this intel from the camera fixed on the exterior of the building near the metro entrance.

Reward: 5000 XP

Intel # 3
After interacting with the camera you found for the previous intel, you’ll come to know that for this piece of intel, you must proceed inside the Atlas Superstore.

Once inside, comb the area. You’ll find the piece of intel on a raised platform, inside the shelves of the store near a mattress and a small bear.

Reward: 5000 XP

Intel # 4
Head to the Verdansk Stadium. Outside the Stadium, towards the southeastern direction, look for the same type of truck you saw in intel # 3.

This truck contains the intel you require.

Reward: 5000 XP

Intel # 5
To get your hands on the Intel # 5, firstly, you’re going to need a squad to accompany you and help you collect all the three key cards from the Verdansk Stadium required to be able to enter Suite 320.

Once you’ve gained access to the Suite, there will be three pieces of intel inside. Be sure to pick up each single of them!

Reward: 5000 XP

Intel # 6
For the 6th piece of Intel, you need to grab the P2-16 key card from inside the Verdansk Stadium.

This keycard will allow you to enter the office in the northern part of the stadium. Inside the office, there will be a computer.

Interact with it to grab the final piece of Intel.

Reward: 5000 XP

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