Spellbreak Talents Guide

In this Spellbreak Talents Guide, we’ll be showing you how Talents work and what effect they have on your abilities as a spell-caster in this merciless Battle Royale.

In a game like Spellbreak, efficiency is key. And one can’t truly master the game until they have learned to utilize talents effectively within their playstyle.

Spellbreak Talents

As a spell-caster in Spellbreak you are allowed to have three talents initially. Each of these talents are associated with Mind, Body and Spirit.

Later on, you will be able to unlock four additional talents for each of these categories.

With a total of 15 talents to manage by your side, you need to make sure that each one of these complements your move-set and playstyle to obtain the most efficient damage output.

Talent Points
You will have a total of six Talent Points you can use to acquire upgrades for your Mind, Body and Spirit. Talents can cost from one up to three points.

Spellbreak has a number of talents from which you can choose. Just because a talent costs more, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best.

Understanding your composition is more vital to creating a perfectly balanced build that can dish out a good offense as well as hold its ground during defense.

Mind Talents

Talent Points Class Rank Description
Focused Mana 1 If you have a total of 80% Mana or greater, receive: Spell Damage +15/18/20/30%
Spellslinger 1 Tempest Rank 6 Store extra Gauntlets and Runes in your Inventory. Sorcery Cooldown of -5/8/10/15%
Runic Fluency 2 Conduit Rank 3 Max Rune Charge +1 Rune Cooldown of -5/7/10/15%
Tracking 2 Frostborn Rank 3 Outlines target for you upon hit for you and your squad for 3/3.5/4/6s. Includes Invisible players.
Harmony 3 Toxicologist Rank 6 Immune to Slow, Freeze, Shock Incoming Damage Reduction by a total of 5/7/10/15%

 Body Talents

Talent Points Class Rank Description
Dexterity 1 Tempest Rank 3 Jump Height: +25% Levitation Mana Cost: -15/18/20/30%
Scavenging 1 Conduit Rank 6 On Exile Opponent: Restore 25/30/35/50 Health and Armor.
Fervor 2 Spell Cast Speed: +15/18/20/25%
Finders Keepers 2 Stoneshaper Rank 3 Chance to find Scrolls: +50/75/100/150%
Fortitude 3 Pyromancer Rank 6 Create a barrier that absorbs one source of damage before reforming. Cooldown: 60/50/45/30s

 Spirit Talents

Talent Points Class Rank Description
Escapist 1 Upon receiving damage, increase Run Speed by +3/4/5/7 (5s)
Recklessness 1 Frostborn Rank 6 While having no armor: Spell Damage +15/18/20/25% While having no armor: Mana Cost -15/18/20/25%
Recovery 2 Stoneshaper Rank 6 Upon receiving damage: Regenerate 50% of damage taken over 12/10/8/6s
Thirsty 2 Toxicologist Rank 3 Potion and Shard Consume Speed: +50/60/75/100% Potions and Shards affect nearby teammates for 50%. (15 m)
Vital Stone 3 Pyromancer Rank 3 On Disruption: Resurrect with 10/25/35/50 Health. Immune for 4s after Resurrection. Reading a Spirit Scroll refreshes the Talent.